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Zealous is an MC that writes with integrity. The goal of his sound is to create positive vibes and even in the "grimie" songs, he tries to sprinkle them with optimism. Zealous is known for thought provoking lines. He's very cautious of the power he holds with being an entertainer.


With each live performance, it has become easier to see that Zealous is one of the best new shows to catch. He's an MC, not a rapper, and he brings with him a moving and optimistic message to share with people all over the world. Nominated in 2005 by the Bay Area Music Awards as the Best New Hip-Hop artist, his inspirations can be traced to influences which may not be typical of some of today's hottest, young, MCs. Zealous draws much of his creativity and optimism from a life enriched with family, myriad experiences, and people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. C.J. Anderson, Rev. Gregory Payton, T.D. Jakes, KRS 1, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, Common, Black Thought, Kanye West, and Jay Z. His goal is to make music that is creative, fun to listen to, thought provoking, and most importantly, that his music is seen as respectful by the listener and his family. With an industry that is saturated with sex, drugs, and the macho-man image, it has been a challenge to maintain the artistic magic of music with integrity. Not surprisingly, Zealous has, for years, been very active in his community, helping and working with young people and the homeless to provide sustenance, support, and opportunity.

When Zealous is not writing music or performing his music, he is teaching in the classroom. He also coaches high school basketball with troubled and "at-risk" teenage boys. He is the CEO and Founder of Path to Purpose, a youth oriented, private, non-profit organization which creates avenues of success for low income families by providing meaningful opportunities for young people to become involved in the care, maintenance, and growth of their communities.

Being in the spotlight is nothing new for this artist whom at the age of 18 was playing professional baseball for the Anaheim Angels farm team. The following year, he went on to find great success in his NCAA, Division I basketball career. Terrance Richmond (Zealous) worked hard to excel as a college athlete and graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College and, later, from San Jose State. After an outstanding college career, he went on to play, professionally, in Europe. Zealous takes the hard work and explosive passion he had, and still has, for athletics, and now puts that into his music career.

While working several jobs, trying to be a good provider for his wife and baby girl, Zealous is constantly "on the grind" to make his music dream come true and his career happen. Although new to the music game, Zealous has rocked over 100 shows in the last two years with some impressive names. He has shared a stage with stars Keak Da Sneak, The Team, Frontline, Federation, Zion I, Lyrics Born, Mr. F.A.B., Turf Talk, Furious, Planet Asia, Hieroglyphics, Ozomatli, Eek A Mouse, Jr. " One Blood" Reid and the Reggae All-Stars, Roots, Afu- Ra, Wu Tang, Nina Sky and more. As he awaits his big break, he continues to leave stages on fire and he sends fans home with plenty of spiritual food and physical exercise from dancing. He embraces the love and support from all and attempts to bring to the world an inspirational and refreshing and new sound.


Path To Purpose Mixtape
Through Thick & Thin "Love Life"
Tug- of - War

Set List

Just a DJ: 15 min. to an 1 hour
Band: 1 hour to two sets that can be 1 hr. to an 1 1/2 hours each
Festivals: 45 min. to 1 hr.