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"NeuFutur Magazine - Album Review"

By: James McQuinston

Zealousy – Album Review
"Complications" (CD)

“Girl on The Edge” is likely how listeners will get their first glimpse of Zealousy, and the band’s effort in this track will ensure that anyone lucky enough to listen in will be there for the long haul. This is due to the fact that Zealousy creates a scintillating compilation that has the vocals pull double duty – putting forth the lyrics as well as creating another set of harmony for the rest of the band to build off of. Zealousy comes into “So I Am” will tremendous momentum, and instead of spinning their wheels like so many other bands, “So I Am” in many ways marks another high water mark for the band. “So I Am” links together the strong female rock of acts like L7 and The Breeders with eighties rock and new wave, turning “Complications” into an album that may just herald a new genre of rock.

“Wanting” continues all the fury and fire of these previous two tracks, while allowing the guitars to shine, both in regards to intricate arrangements and the ability to tell a story. Where previous tracks had been fueled by the narrative of the vocals, subsequent songs on “Complications” use a mixture of vocals and guitars to create a narrative that maneuvers itself to a Pink Floyd type of plane. “Drop” may just be “Complications”’s biggest hit, but this is not done at the expense of the unique style cultivated during the disc’s first tracks. Rather, what Zealousy does during “Drop” is expand their sound, allowing the final four tracks of “Complications” the ability to draw from an increased selection of styles and genres.

Listeners will hear this soon after “Drop” is finished, as “She Fires The Gun” uses the catchy vocal stylings of a “Drop” as a counterweight for the more spontaneous instrumentation that is present at the onset of the track. Despite clocking in at over seven minutes, “Wrong Man” is a must-listen track for anyone, regardless of whether they are fans of Zealousy. The beauty inherent in this track may be reminiscent of an Evanescence, but Zealousy refuses to be pigeonholed during this epic track. Bits and pieces of eighties rock, nineties alternative, and even the torch songs of the early decades of the twentieth century all unite to create Zealousy’s defining track. If you like your rock intelligent while still hard, make it a point to pick up “Complications”.

Top Tracks: Everything, Wrong Man

Rating: 8.3/10 - James McQuinston - NeuFutur Magazine

"Music Connection Magazine"

Zealousy examines angst in a mature, empowered fashion
a la Alanis Morissette. An interesting vocal approach is layered nicely over subtle heroin rock. “Wrong Man” and “Chemical Imbalance” are strong tunes illustrative of both the lyrical themes and the vocal prowess of Amarie Darvai, as well as the unobtrusive momentum of the band. “So I Am” is a fine self-affirmation while “Drop,” with an intro akin to the Monkees’ “Daydream Believer,” is a danceable indie-pop song reminiscent of a Blondie ditty, albeit a somewhat darker incarnation.

Darvai has a bold, ambitious vocal style similar to that of Annie Lennox and Tori Amos. The band is subdued which is not to say without impact. Christopher Cody uses a smooth tone and solos for effect, not ego, adding to the music without compromising the vibe or distracting from the material. The spine of Babin’s bass lines is solid and (...) drumming is low-key but appropriate.

Both the band and Darvai took time to warm up, but the energy increased song by song and by the second half of the performance the music possessed confidence and ambition. The crowd clearly enjoyed the act and some attendees were impressed with a band they didn’t expect to like, which is always a good sign.

Overall, Zealousy gave an excellent show. As a suggestion, they may want to consider introducing more instrumentation, percussion, strings, perhaps some creative woodwinds to add yet another layer and take some of the pressure off of Darvai who sometimes seems overworked. Suggestions aside, an indie label willing to take a chance would likely benefit from investing time, energy, and faith in this young act. With a little direction, Zealousy could produce big results for a small company with a future.

––Joe James / Music Connection Magazine
- Music Connection Magazine

"Billboard Music World Song Contest"

Song has a UNIQUE QUALITY to it that

sets it apart from other songs.

Intro was a little long ... but it did CAPTURE ATTENTION !!

This song could potentially have


- Billboard World Song Contest - Billboard Music World Song Contest

"Nunatak Entertainment"

"From what we've seen, Zealousy is quickly creating a frenzy of fans who can't seem to get enough of a band who aims just slightly left and centers on EPIC. With a little exposure, this band will be making a record company somewhere - a lot of money... as fans from all ages seem to find something appealing about Zealousy's style-mix, talent and lyrics." - Soundraze

"Scope Magazine - Album Review"

Return of the rock opera. The follow up to their 2007 EP ‘Girl on the Edge’, Female fronted, L.A. indie band Zealousy releases their first full length offering ‘Complications’.
Leading off with ‘Girl on the Edge’… through ‘Wanting’, and ‘Wrong Man’…‘Complications’ conjures images of the old rock operas to weave its way through some interesting tales of a lady’s experiences. A little Pink Floyd, A little The Who, brought to you with a female voice from a female perspective. There was a song or two off that kilter, but the rest make you forgive her for that.
From politics to performers, look out for the ladies rising up to take their place in the world. Amarie Darvai is certainly leading Zealousy in the right direction. An epic voice backed up by solid instrumentation makes for a foundation that Zealousy seems to be taking advantage of. Honorable mention from the Billboard World Song Contest, a showcase at the Hollywood Music Awards, and some great gigs at legendary Los Angeles venues all have Zealousy gearing up to go big. With the right producer, this band can go big, very big.
Apparently they even add some extra keyboards and violin during live performances. That sounds like ear candy. “I Find Myself Left a Little Wanting”, wanting some record label to sign Zealousy, get them a top notch producer to polish them up a bit, and make this band famous. - Gary Jacobs - Scope Magazine


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* Zealousy - Album: "Complications"
* Girl On The Edge (EP)
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"Zealousy gave an excellent show"
"Zealousy is melodic, passionate and dynamic."
"The crowd clearly enjoyed the act"
"Commercial Appeal"
"Zealousy examines angst in a mature and empowered fashion"
"A bold ambitious vocal style"
"Strong tunes... illustrative lyrics"
"From what we've seen, Zealousy is quickly creating a frenzy of fans who can't seem to get enough of a band who aims just slightly left and centers on EPIC"
(more press available at www.myspace.com/zealousy)
Recent Awards, Nominations, Notable Events:
* L.A. Music Awards, Female Vocal Performance, "Girl On The Edge", 2008 - Nominee
* Hollywood Music Awards, Industry Showcase, 2008
* Malibu Music Awards, 2008, Honorable Mention
* Billboard World Music Song Contest, 2008, Honorable Mention
* Billboard Music - Review (2008)
* Soundraze Top20 Artist Award, 2008
* Nunatak Entertainment Featured Artist, 2008
* Emergenza, 2007, Semi-Finalist
* Gold Star, right corner of screen: over 50 SonicGigs inThree Years!

Featuring newest Album "COMPLICATIONS"

Written by: Jonathan Widran
(All Music Guide, Downbeat, Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles Times)

Other DIY bands in the highly competitive world of indie music making are turning green over Zealousy, the popular Los Angeles-based band that’s setting a high bar for hard-won success. Driven by the powerful vision, blistering energy and witty, hard hitting songwriting of founding lead vocalist and keyboardist Amarie Darvai and guitarist/keyboardist Christopher Cody, Zealousy began rising through the ranks via their 2007 teaser EP Girl On The Edge, but, as they convey over the course of their compelling full length debut, they’ve encountered some major—but not insurmountable—Complications along the way.

Darvai, Cody, bassist Chris Babin and drummer Bunny Brooks Jr. are proud of the tagline they’ve been using to describe their ascent on the L.A. club scene: “This isn’t the story of overnight success. This is a story of hard work that is granting impressive results.” Darvai and Cody began writing together in 2005 and found their perfect complement in the other members, which as they say, “grew on like limbs, off shooting into different areas of genre and ideas.” Somehow, the vastly different backgrounds of each of the principals added up to an incredible unforeseen interaction.

Developing this exciting chemistry quickly led to Zealousy having their songs spun on stations in California, Illinois, Nashville, Germany and Canada and vast critical acclaim for the ongoing frenzy of gigs they’ve done at some of the city’s top hotspots—The Whiskey, The Gig, The Joint, Santa Monica’s 14 Below, the Cat Club and The Derby. Some of the raves: “Zealousy is melodic, passionate and dynamic”; “Zealousy examines angst in a mature and empowered fashion”; and “From What I’ve seen, Zealousy is quickly creating a frenzy of fans who can’t seem to get enough of a band who aims just slightly left and centers on EPIC”—a reference to their penchant for long jam versions of their songs that defy conventional radio ready, cookie cutter wisdom. Their lyrics have been praised as “illustrative,” which Darvai’s powerhouse style is indicative of a “bold ambitious vocal style.”

For a band that’s only been on the scene for three years, Zealousy has also received a huge number of accolades in the local music awards community and beyond, including Honorable Mention at the 2008 Malibu Music Awards, Honorable Mention in the 2008 Billboard World Music Song Contest, a Soundraze Top 20 Artist Award and a semi-finalist at Emergenza 2007. On September 25, 2008 at 8:45 pm, the band is performing at the Knitting Factory as part of an industry showcase presented by the Hollywood Music Awards.

At that show, in addition to ensembling with violinist Jonathan Morin, the band is working on creating video montage projections behind their performance; the most powerful of these will be the one illustrating their socially conscious, hypocrisy exposing song “Wanting,” juxtaposing images of starving children overseas and news coverage of gluttonous eating contests in the U.S. In this year’s L.A. Music Awards, Zealousy and Darvai are also nominated for Best Female Vocal Performance for the haunting, emotionally revealing power ballad “Girl On The Edge.” There will be a voting party at The Whiskey on October 16, 2008.

“We titled the album Complications because for the most part, everything about writing and making music is very enjoyable and almost every aspect of the music business for indie bands is full of many little problems,” says Darvai. “Because each member of the band has a uniquely different background and varied influences, there are also complications in finding a middle ground for us. Some of the big obstacles happen when people see us as one type of group and then start having preconceptions of what we’r