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It has often been said that life is a journey. But is that true for most individuals? Is life really a quest for who you are as a person, or is it a seamless collection of days that barely fluctuate between work days and weekends?

In Zeb Portanova’s debut CD, Living the Dream, he emphasizes that the choice is yours. Every minute of every day. With a musical base reflecting the clearness of Dave Matthews combined with the lyrical honesty of Jim Croce and the Eagles, Zeb challenges your spirit within.

Through featured songs such as “P.K.” he explains that the choices we make in life determine our reality. So many times we choose a path, an option, unaware of the repercussions which impact ourselves and our community. These thoughts are further explored in “Sailing Round the World,” an acknowledgement that many people have gone in search of themselves before us. What did they find? What did they choose to do with their knowledge? Were their insights valuable to others, or only to themselves? Or is the critical point whether they embraced the challenges of the journey?

For Zeb, his choices in life have raised a serious question: What if you embark on a journey only to realize that you already had the very thing you were seeking? In “Taylor,” Zeb describes the journey of love and forgiveness, and the struggle between being happy where you are and continually seeking more. The point of letting go and being found. Is this constant search a duality of mankind? Feeling fulfilled or incomplete? Life is a journey, but you determine the effect your passage will have on the world. Break out of the self-controlling limitations you gave to yourself and start living your life to its fullest potential.


"Living the Dream"-Zeb's full length demo

Set List

Set lists normally include:
Original songs from "Living the Dream"
Dave Matthews
James Taylor
Pearl Jam
Cat Stevens
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Paul Simon
Stone Temple Pilates
Jack Johnson
Neil Young
Coldplay, and more...