Zebra Junction

Zebra Junction


ZEBRA JUNCTION IS A POWER DUO OF SEXTET PROPORTIONS: From funked-up Tin Pan Alley ragtime to colorful electronic grooves, This gutsy-rootsy, high energy power duo, conjures up a fresh experience that takes the listener from living room to amphitheater. All aboard!



Profiled as one of the regions' top bands to watch in 2008, Zebra Junction is currently celebrating the release of their third studio effort, Pomme de Terre. Literally meaning "Apple of Earth", Pomme de Terre, captures the true unrefined nature of Zebra Junction.

Working with a collection of rare, hybrid and homespun instruments, this power duo's Vaudeville approach includes "creative" percussion, baritone guitars, and such unconventional instruments as the banjo-ukulele, a hyper-modified Playskool tape deck used for "scratch", toy piano, and numerous samplers and effects to morph "old school" into "no school".

If Tom Waits fronted the White Stripes with a smattering of Radiohead technology, you might have a sound like Zebra Junction!

The Summer of 2007 saw ZJ playing in front of sold out crowds at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Denver's prestigious Paramount Theatre, as well as being nominated for the third time as one of Denver's best bands.


Pomme de Terre 2008
Assorted Potatoes EP 2007
Bolder Boulder, (compilation) 2007
7 More Days in the Tank (soundtrack), 2006
Singing 12 Pack (compilation), 2006
Waterborne, 2005.
Peace Jam the Movie, (soundtrack) 2002.
Orange Porridge, 2001.

Set List

95% of our set consists of original tunes, we also cover such artists as: The Beatles, Steve Earle, Ween, Flaming Lips, etc. We also do some old favorites like Sweet Georgia Brown and Wonderful World.