zebras in america

zebras in america


Twangy countrified alt-folk you can really scoot a boot to.


Zebras in amreica is a five-piece project out of Seattle WA that has embarked on an alt-folk mission to provide the great northwest with songs to snap their fingers and dance their feet to. Simplistic yet witty lyrics, mixed with clever strummin' makes zebras perfect for driving down that country road.

Zebras originated during an open-mic performance in a small town bar in Ithaca NY. Brent and Aubrey moved from Ithaca to Seattle and met up with Eric and Alex. Then came Steve and his banjitar. Together zebras in america is fully prepared to jump in with both feet and take on new adventures.


Zebras in America

Set List

Hey Hern
Monkey Hill Road
Dick Cheney's America
Swimmin' Hole
Too Fast Jones
That Country Road
Employee of the year
Mendacity Machine
Thunder Clease
Castle Tatum
Beans the dog
scoot the boot
peggy sue

Covers Include
Desperado (Johnny Cash)
Spaceman (Monkees)
Bein' Around (Lemonheads)
Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young)
Jolene (Dolly Parton)