Zebras In Public

Zebras In Public


Interracial rock/soul band set to unify, and electrify, mankind.


“We are all the same.” That short, simple statement boldly exclaims the
meaning behind the name of rock/soul band, Zebras In Public. The public is a
conglomerate of different races, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds;
but we all bleed and breathe the same. With three musicians that are white, and
a black lead singer, Zebras In Public is a testament that the public is one.
Four different men, four different musicians, and four different backgrounds...
Zebediah, Ian, Chris, and Chuck... Zebras In Public. After playing in different
bands, guitarist Ian, decided to follow his heart and set out to create something
that would really capture the essence of the music in his soul. He didn’t have far
to look for other musicians. Bassist Chuck, and drummer Chris were childhood
friends that were also in a dry spell musically, and looking to join a new, fresh
band. After rocking out for a while, they were still missing that special element,
a lead singer. That person came in hip hop/soul singer, Zebediah. The chemistry
between the rock musicians, and soul singer, proved to be a musical entity that
is missing in the current climate of the music industry.
With musical inspirations ranging from Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bob Marley,
Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jay Z, System of a Down, Coldplay, and Thelonious Monk,
the band has amassed the knowledge of what it takes to be artistic legends.
And legends are what Zebras In Public aspire to be. With a rock edge that
will have everyone rock out, and the soulful touch that adds that newness to
a manufactured and copycat industry, Zebras In Public are here to prove that
great music still exists. Music made by the public, inspired by the public, and
for the public; after all, we are all Zebras In Public.
Biography : Zebras In Public

Set List

Great Day
Blown Away
(God Put a Smile on Your Face or Smells Like Teen Spirit-cover songs)
9 1 Hold the 1
Ladies Rock
My Name is John
What About Me
All the Way