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"Album Review – Zebrassieres - I Am A Human"

Zebrassieres emerged from the same fertile Ottawa pop-punk scene as White Wires and Steve Adamyk, though lead singer/songwriter Andrew Payne has recently relocated to Toronto. He’s brought the Zebrassieres name with him, but not his bandmates, so garage-psych rockers the Ketamines (recent transplants from Lethbridge, Alberta) have come aboard. Together, they deliver an infectious whiplash of a re-debut that urgently screams “Pay attention, Toronto.”

Ten songs and 18 minutes long, I Am A Human is pretty much all hooks, a trait that means Zebrassieres fit nicely on pop-punk bills. The Ketamines’ synth textures and precise rhythms, meanwhile, accentuate Payne’s ever-present herky-jerky New Wave-isms. He’s obviously been listening to Devo, though Zebrassiere’s all-killer, no-filler brevity and newfound male/female vocals give them a flavour all their own. It’s so much fun, you’ll hit repeat as soon as it’s over.

Top track: Electric Mutation - Now Magazine

"Record Reviews – Zebrassieres – I Am a Human"

Germany’s P. Trash Records has a long-standing obsession with Ontario’s punk scene, and for good reason: They’ve had their pizza-grease-covered fingers all over the province’s brashest, from Steve Adamyk, to Brutal Knights, to up-and-coming Toronto snot-rock outfit Pink Wine. Their hot streak continues with Zebrassieres, a Toronto-via-Ottawa new wave/future-pop act helmed by Bytown punk-scene vet Andrew Payne, who recently recruited Mammoth Cave mainstays (and current Hogtown residents) the Ketamines as his backup band. So, yeah, believe the stat sheet: I Am a Human is a wonderfully accomplished record.

Part of it boils down to I Am a Human’s attention to detail. Much of the LP hits like a whippet-fuelled interpretation of Devo’s Freedom of Choice: Retro spaceman synths cascade delightfully throughout the LP, while Payne’s jittery, near-paranoid vocal delivery paints most tracks with a sense of listen-now urgency. Between the lines, Human’s references are more fascinating still: Sing-song, bratty vocal lines recall Pointed Sticks-esque power pop (“Disconnected Frequency”), boy-girl call-and-response vocals reference the Pacific Northwest’s revered DIY scene, and, at times, Zebrassieres veer into the spacey psych of — guess who — the Ketamines. (As on “Economy Lobotomy,” a song that should earn new bassist Paul Lawton the nickname “Paul Loboton.”) Payne’s not pushing new-wave boundaries here, but he’s refining them — and it’s a pleasure to hear him in his comfort zone. - FFWD Weekly


I Am a Human – 12" vinyl – P. Trash Records, 2013
Black Brainwave – 10" vinyl – P. Trash Records, 2011
Gooey Zoo – 12" vinyl – P. Trash Records, 2011
Gooey Zoo – 12" vinyl – Going Gaga Records, 2010



It's punk with pop in it but it's not '90s pop punk. The influences are varied and mostly pre-'90s: some synth punk (The Units, No More), synth pop (OMD), '60s garage and '80s punk (The Undertones and The Dickies).

The Zebrassieres pop exploration started in 2009, or something like that, when Andrew and Sarah started The Funfuns in Calgary. They moved to Ottawa, started Zebrassieres, and since then the pop sound has gotten progressively more demented, unique and Toronto-based.

In 2012, Andrew and Sarah joined the Toronto lineup of Lethbridge psych band The Ketamines, which also became the Zebrassieres lineup in 2013. Naturally, they're all going on a Ketamines/Zebrassieres cross-Canada tour in June 2013.