A mix of Devo and the Ramones. Stuttered tribal madness. Frantic punk. Keyboards. Pop vocals. Fun.

We've been doing this music thing for a while and have a bunch of releases on Germany's P. Trash Records.


It's punk with pop in it but it's not '90s pop punk. The influences are varied and mostly pre-'90s: some synth punk (The Units, No More), synth pop (OMD), '60s garage and '80s punk (The Undertones and The Dickies).

The Zebrassieres pop exploration started in 2009, or something like that, when Andrew and Sarah started The Funfuns in Calgary. They moved to Ottawa, started Zebrassieres, and since then the pop sound has gotten progressively more demented, unique and Toronto-based.

In 2012, Andrew and Sarah joined the Toronto lineup of Lethbridge psych band The Ketamines, which also became the Zebrassieres lineup in 2013. Naturally, they're all going on a Ketamines/Zebrassieres cross-Canada tour in June 2013.


I Am a Human – 12" vinyl – P. Trash Records, 2013
Black Brainwave – 10" vinyl – P. Trash Records, 2011
Gooey Zoo – 12" vinyl – P. Trash Records, 2011
Gooey Zoo – 12" vinyl – Going Gaga Records, 2010