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"Who is Zebulon Swift"

Who is Zebulon Swift? That is a question which many are asking, and seemingly no one really knows. Some small details are known about his past, but none of these exactly add up into the myth of the man.

Mr. Swift's activities first came to the attention of this streetwise reporter when he chanced upon a simple dollar bill being blown about in the late fall wind. Upon grabbing it, I noticed that it had subtly changed. It had printed upon it in small letters, "ONE dollar which could support a small business", and the small cursive signature of one Zebulon Swift. Tracing this thread back towards its source, I pulled upon it, and was astounded by what it led to.

Apparently, Mister Swift has been quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, working behind the scenes to change the world, one idea at a time. He is a man unafraid, moving towards a brighter tomorrow, and using every medium, means, and tool at his disposal to do so.

His debut album, Feathers and Stones, is in fact an element of a philosophical treatise on morality disguised as a novel! Each song is part of the story line, a second telling of the same story from a second perspective. It is a revolutionary idea, brilliantly executed. If that were not enough, he has extended this multi media approach into the material world, with his feather and stone mobiles. They mark his passing, carrying his message and presence out into the world. Each one standing on its own, but also part of a greater whole.

His follow up album, Un / American,
is an exploration of the modern human condition, exploring classical themes of loss, heartbreak, social upheaval, politics, war, poverty, wealth, and love, from a uniquely American perspective. While the guitar work is sometimes dubious, and his singing voice untrained, soon you will find that you are too busy listening to what he is saying to care. Who is Zebulon Swift? I am not sure, but I am sure that soon, it will be known far and wide.
And someday, we might know who he really is.

- Rosewater Chronicle


Feathers and Stones 2009
full length self produced live album

One American Life 2009
full length self produced live album



Every once and a while, something truly and absolutely original, absolutely unique emerges; an anomaly, an outlier, an exception. I am Zebulon Swift.

My story is in the songs. My story is the songs.
Listen to them. Read the lyrics. Do you like them? I wrote them for you. All of you.

They will like them too. The others, the ones who will come to your events, the ones who will come to your clubs, the ones who will fill your halls and buy the things that you sell. They will like them for the same reason that you do, because they are real.

My story is in the things that I make and then send out into the world. It is in the feather and stone mobiles. It is in the book which is an album and album which is a book that is Feathers and Stones and its mirror image, the novel entitled The Golden Thread.

My story is stamped, one by one, on the dollar bills that I modify; one dollar that could support a local farmer; one dollar that could help build a school; one dollar that is nothing to the truly rich; one love; one great idea; one American life at a time.

My story is unfolding....perhaps you are a part of it.
I look forward to hearing from you.