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"Zechs Marquise..."

http://content.elpasotimes.com/openmic/crystal_060206.shtml - Crystal Robert (EL PASO TIMES)

"Let Zechs Marquise Take You For a Ride"

In a perfect world, my first experience of seeing the El Paso band Zechs Marquise would go something like this: I would be going for a cocktail after work on a Wednesday night and I would hear this crazy psychedelic music coming from this seedy underground bar that I never had the balls to go into before.

The bar would be filled with smoke and people. The people aren’t watching the band because they are blend into the chaotic atmosphere. The band is a mix of psychedelic free rawk jazz—unlike anything you’ve ever heard. I think I just made up that term, but if the shoe fits ... The band doesn’t have a lead singer and they don’t seem to have a set list either. You start to think they might be making it up as they go with just an outline of an outline to work with. Somehow you can hear them perfectly over the screaming of drink orders and conversations. At this point, Miles Davis would see me at the entrance and invite me to his table. We would drink bourbon all night while Miles told me stories about why he liked this band so much. After the set Miles, would invite the band over and we would all keep drinking while Miles told us about the good ol’ days. Perfect.

Zechs Marquise is a five-piece psychedelic free rawk jazz band from El Paso. The band has been around since 2003. They’ve been compared to (Yes,) Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Personally, they remind me of Miles Davis if he played guitar instead of the horn. In a time where all you hear about is Emo, Screamo, Noise Rock and Garage Rawk, it’s great to see some one bring back insane psychedelic music. Some people would call a band that has a free flowing approach to a set list a jam band. I would punch those people in the stomach and make them watch this band.

Check the band out for yourself by watching a song here: Live from El Paso. If you like what you see, you can check the band out live in Boise at the Bouquet on Feb. 21 and in Albuquerque at Burt’s Tiki Lounge on March 3. If you are lucky, the ghost of Miles Davis just might show up.

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"Blog spot http://ultra8201.blogspot.com/2007/01/zechs-marquise.html"

A new band that I am personally excited to write about, Zechs Marquise, hail from my hometown of El Paso, Texas. From the looks of things they have been gaining a fan base back home and are very deserving of it. Featuring Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, percussionist for The Mars Volta. The band follows in the same tradition as The Mars Volta incorporating improv into the ambient, pyscadellic style. Think Pink Floyd, King Crimson. I was hesitant to reference them to The Mars Volta ( something that will probably occur frequently) but it is good to see such a quality offshoot from the band. They are currently booking a spring tour and will be in Austin in time for SXSW. Check the official website for full tour dates and MySpace to get a preview. They also have some great YouTube footage from a show in El Paso. - Ultra 8201





Not everyone understands just what music is all about, what writing and harmonizing really consists of, and what it means to wait patiently for success and giving up the socially accepted ways of living for true success. One can see just how a band should work together to look and sound as though they have been in the business for decades when watching Zechs Marquise play live. This band combines all types of different sounds and instruments to create an ambiance few have heard since bands like Yes, Pink Floyd and King Crimson hit the scene in earlier years
Zechs Marquise formed in the fall of 2003 going by the name of Monolith, and they played their first show in spring of 2004. Since then the band has been creating a stir in their hometown of El Paso, TX. With their energetic and always evolving live performances the band brings the listener along with them on their journey. Utilizing the live elements of jazz improv, and applying them to rock, the listener is transposed from the audio aspects of music to the visual. As proclaimed by Crystal Robert, booker and promoter of The T-Lounge, “a fusion of senses resulting in a unique and psycadellic rock experience.”
Over the course of two years members Michael Farraro on drums, Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez on bass, and Matt Wilkson and Marcos Smith on guitar, have had the honor to play with such bands as,Bus Driver, Data list, Free Moral Agents, Coaxial, Blow up Blow, Year Future, Chin up Chin up,The Make Belive, The Album Leaf, The Roots of Orchis, Oh my God, Seneca, and Art Lewis, just to name a few. They have recently been recording their second album that will be released in the Fall of 2007.
Zechs plans to tour to promote their up and coming album with high hopes that others will find what so many have found in their music, true enthusiasm passion, and inventiveness.