The Royal Artillery

The Royal Artillery


Contemporary - combining retro riffage, blues guitar, indie chorus and a wall of rhythm. It is a "Zed sound" and shows the knack of moving from polite pop to all out rock fury. Tasteful and tight.


As above - dedicated to good music - years of listenign and research. Dedicated musicians. Influences? - (many) - Hendrix, At The Drive-In, Sparta, Queens of The Stone Age, Grand Funk Railroad, Freddy King.......


Hard Rock Blues Ahead
Live At The Andergrove
(New release - yet un-named)
Young Rider Blues (compilation)
Radio play - still happening
Qld film

Set List

Sets anywhere from 1/2 - 1hr. Played many 5hr gigs (no supporting bands). Back then a mix of blues originals & Voodoo Child (see My Space), other Hendrix, old blues masters, Cream + + +. Now - it's "Zed Music" - contemporary original