In the words of Daily News and Analysis, "Mumbai-based Zedde is essentially hard rock, something that can be best described as 'Ian Gillan meeting Paul Gilbert." Go to http://www.youtube.com/2Blue to see for yourself. :)


In mid 2008, singer 2Blue and guitar player Claver, musicians celebrated for their work in Vayu and Rust Angels respectively, got together to form Zedde. Zedde is driven by the undying passion to perform original music and the urge to carry forward the legacy of their hard rock predecessors. Their inimitable style of music unarguably entitles them as Mumbai's best shot at the resurgence of Rock N' Roll.

The Band

2Blue – Vocals

Legend has it that when 2Blue was five, Apollo – the Greek God of music – appeared before him and offered him a potion for vocal strength and prowess. Startled by the divine intervention, li'l 2Blue simply followed instructions and drank the potion. There is no veracity to this story, which perhaps was just the young boy's dream, but what is not is the sheer vocal talent that he has gathered since then. With influences of Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, and Ronnie James Dio amongst others, 2Blue has enthralled fans wherever he has performed. A self confessed maverick, 2Blue believes that a good gig is one where he finds God on stage. That, according to him, is his biggest reward.

Claver – Guitar

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert – these are just a few of the guitar legends whose music has helped mold Claver's career. But the one man who changed his life in more ways than one is Prince. Claver's obsession with the guitar began during his early teens. Two decades of obsessive practice later, he is now every bit the guitar virtuoso that he once aspired to be. A man of immense respect in guitar circles, Claver's contribution to the Indian music industry is beyond measure. His shelves full of trophies and awards bear testimony to his stature as a musician. Perhaps it was in Claver's genes, knowing the rich musical heritage that his family prides on.

Akashdeep – Bass

Akashdeep’s very eclectic influences – right from Billy Sheehan and Victor Wooten to John Myung and Jaco Pastorius – have helped add a whole new dimension to the Zedde sound. Essentially an adrenaline junkie who moved to Mumbai chasing his Rock N' Roll dreams, Akash has brought with him more than just the bass guitar. A brilliant guitar player, backing vocalist, and bass player; he has more surprises up his sleeve than meets the eye. Come, attend a Zedde gig to find out.

Trevor – Drums

When off stage, he is sober and soft spoken; but put him behind a drum kit, and Trevor metamorphoses into a powerhouse stick swiping machine comparable with the veritable Hammer of the Gods. Influences of Alex Van Halen and Dave Lombardo are unmistakable in Trevor's playing which boasts his exceptional command over phrasing and odd-time syncopation. With an uncompromised desire to break new ground in drumming, Trevor truly is the backbone of Zedde. It's quite a wonder that he says he's a drummer only by accident.



Written By: 2Blue

With open arms by the sun kissed shore, Can’t you feel her love embrace
The warm breeze, the morning tide, the frothy splash across your face

She gives you wings so you can fly, Fly across the rising sun
Her magic spell makes you feel life for you has just begun

She makes you smile right through your tears, Holds your hand in the rain


MUMBAI, She's your guiding star
She shines the light on you, She makes you who you are

Like the rest on that one-way train, You brought along just a bag of dreams
You knocked the doors, You chased the sun till she heard your silent screams

She put her wings around you child, Took away your crown of thorns
Nursed your wounds, Washed you clean, Saved you from the howling storm

She makes your pain disappear, Sends you love with no restraint

Repeat Chorus

MUMBAI, She's your guiding star
She shines the light on you, She makes you who you are

MUMBAI, Running in your veins
Gotta keep the faith, Keep the faith in that name

Lemme hear you say – MUMBAI

Guitar Solo

Repeat chorus



Party In My Pants

Mr. Horny

Dust On My Window


Thank You

Love Don't Live Here No More

That Girl

Set List

We usually play a 2-hour uninterrupted set comprising a mix of originals and medleys of our favorite covers (see below).

1. That Girl – Zedde

2. Ted The Mechanic/Hush – Deep Purple

3. Party In My Pants – Zedde

4. U2 Medley

5. Mumbai – Zedde

6. 80's Medley (AC/DC, Scorpions, and Deep Purple)

7. Thank You – Zedde

8. Highway Star/Daddy Brother Lover Li’l Boy – Deep Purple/Mr. Big

9. Dust On My Window – Zedde

10. Love Don’t Live Here No More – Zedde

11. Guns N’ Roses Medley

12. 70's Medley (Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal - Queen, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath etc)