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"My music isn't just for the young people - the teenage crowd. If you're alive today, then my music is for you. I speak about things that pertain to life, and everyone can relate to that." - Zee



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A Muslim man from Nigeria came to the United States to seek a higher education. While there he fell in love with an American woman named Essie. They got married, and in 1975 had a child. They named him Abdul Aziz Peregrino-Brimah, which means “servant of the powerful, the mighty.” Not very long after Aziz’s birth, his father took his family back to Nigeria in hopes of starting a new life.

Things didn’t go as planned though, because it wasn't long before Aziz’s mother experienced a major culture shock. Not being able to adjust to the Islamic customs or her husband’s way of living, she became very saddened and homesick, so she called her mother and told her she was coming home.

Aziz’s parents divorced before he turned one year old.

Growing up without a father was only the beginning for Aziz. He would eventually experience many things – both good and bad - and have many questions about life that left him wanting to know who God was.

During his freshman year at Winston-Salem State University, a depressed Aziz got on the floor in his dorm room and prayed this prayer:

“Dear God, I believe you exist. I believe that there is a heaven and a hell. I don’t know you, but I want to know you. But there are too many religions in this world. Some say ‘this is the way’ and others say ‘this is the way.’ Who am I to say which is right? You created me, so I’m asking you to show me which way to go. From this day forward I am going to live how I want, and if I die and go to hell it will be your fault.”

God heard Aziz’s heartfelt prayer. Little did he know, but God had been working to save him all along - ever since he was born. Within the next year many things took place that opened Aziz’s eyes to who Jesus Christ was, and in September of 1994, at the age of 19 he confessed Jesus as Lord of his life. Aziz was now a born-again Christian, and is at the present moment the only one on his father’s side of the family who is not a Muslim.

Now after twelve years of knowing and serving the Lord, you have Zee – a seasoned Christian who has found out that above all other things, the only thing that truly matters is “where will you spend your life for eternity?”

Unlike many other artists, Zee has a unique way of painting pictures with his words that bring your heart and mind into the music. “The Lord led me to into the rap game because too many of his children have lost focus, and as a result, many souls are lost and left blind.”

Zee believes that his music has the power to appeal to the saved as well as the unsaved. “People know when they’re listening to someone who means what they say. That’s what people are looking for. They’re looking for someone to point them to truth. If they feel you have the truth, they will listen. I know I have the truth. Truth is a person, Jesus Christ.”

His debut album, Livin' Proof, is set to drop September 11, 2006. “This is a very mature album. Yes, you can expect hot beats, dope lyrics and all of that, but just know that is only gravy on top of the meat. I’m talking about real issues on this album. Things close to people’s hearts. There is something for just about everyone. Yeah, there are some tracks you can definitely jam to, but even with those, you’re going to leave with something that will impact your life for today and tomorrow.”

God has given Zee great favor with this album by locking down top notch production from 4Sight Sounds, Tony Stone, DJ Official, Maji, M-tegrity, Illuminaticx and Mac the Doulos.

Oh, why do they call him “Zee”? Simply put, it’s just easier for people to say and remember. You saw his name, right?


Heaven Ain't Got No Ghetto (feat. Steve Williams)

Written By: Zee (Aziz Peregrino-Brimah)

Verse 1
You gotta laugh just to keep from crying
You give up on your dreams and you stop trying
No signs of life around you everything is dying
The preacher preach “better days is ahead” - you say “stop lying”
Everybody wants better days
Hard to see’em when your life story is a maze
You feel like Maya’s bird that was in a cage
Screaming instead of singing - ‘cause you in a rage
You work hard, but you hardly eating
And jugglin three jobs ‘bills find you easy
“Lord, help me move up like George and Weezy”
But you livin’ just enough – just enough for the city
All your life all you’ve heard is “no”
Even from your so-called friends and your kin folk
Wishing things could change like some “hocus poke”
Jesus said that where he went – that you could go
(Heaven ain’t got no ghetto)

You know heaven ain’t got no ghetto
It’s got pearly gates, mansions, streets of gold
Jesus said he wouldn’t have told ya if it wasn’t so
Where I am, you may be also

Verse 2
Repos and evictions
Pink slips cause on the job the boss keep trippin
He don’t know the reason why you slippin
Is because your belly’s aching – no food in kitchen
Were two ends ever meant to meet?
Probably not cause you on a dead end street
Right now it’s where the rubber and the road meet
‘Cause soles are worn on the shoes for your children’s feet
The next morning you wake up numb to the pain
Last night just some of the same ol thang
Another one lost their life, victim to the game
And it’s a shame that’s how they’ll remember their name
But if you know the name above all names though
Yeah, yeah, that’s what’s up, yeah, that’s for sho
An open door invitation that’s for your soul
Because where he went – he said that you could go
(Heaven ain’t got no ghetto)


Verse 3
I know you want a piece of heaven here on earth
But seems everybody got they piece first
Make excuses every time you look in your purse
Saying “Child, it can’t get better til it get worst”
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
On this side all you find is chalk outlines
Guess its true when they say “I’mma die for mines”
Yeah, that’s some green grass – them nickels and dimes
Ain’t nothing fabulous about this life
Babies mamas let these playboys call’em they wife
When they don’t even make a move or a sacrifice
To care for the seed they planted in lust one night
Somebody wondered if heaven got a ghetto
You ask that kind of question when this world is all you know
If it did, tell me how could them blessings flow?
To give you a taste of heaven – before you go
(Heaven ain’t got no ghetto)


Livin' Proof

Written By: Zee (Aziz Peregrino-Brimah)

Verse 1
What you want? What you need? What you got?
If it ain’t Christ - then it ain’t hot
I represent the Son – the one who rolled away the rock
Takes whole cemeteries – and mak’em vacant lots
They look today for DNA but find no body rot
He’s at the right hand of my Pops – where I give Him giv’em props
I live for Jesus – and for many that ain’t hot to trot
They think I’m joking – what they smoking – cause I won’t stop!
Man, anyway, for this verse smoking ain’t the plot
I’m talkin’ ‘bout what’s hot what’s not, yo?
He woke up! That’s what’s up! So, here we go
I gotta heavy burden – and it’s for dem souls
I live it out – show’em proof – cause I gotta get’em
All things to all men – identifyin’ wit’em
Christ in me the hope of glory – so that’s what I giv’em
They want proof, so I sport’em like baggy denims
“Where’s the beef? Is he real? Yo, how can I feel’em?”
They wanting answers to this life so I cannot fail’em
They in prison, but with Christ, man, I’m gonna bail’em
And when the thief come in the night, they gone rise wit’em
I know the struggle, yeah, I’ve hustled, lied and I’ve cheated
Been abused, misused, hurt and mistreated
But I’m still here by His grace – I can’t be defeated
They say the proof is in the pudding – take my life and eat it

(Livin’ Proof) We the only Jesus people gonna see
(Livin’ Proof) The burden of the proof lies on you and me
(Livin’ Proof) Gotta crucify the flesh on the daily
(Livin’ Proof) Manifest the risen Christ through your body

(Livin’ Proof) They deceived – livin for the temporary
(Livin’ Proof) If one single soul is lost that’s a tragedy
(Livin’ Proof) Make the floss of your cross top priority
(Livin’ Proof) Don’t walk aloof ‘cause livin proof is what they need

Verse 2
Taste and see what I’ve seen – I’ve beheld His glory
Been to the foot of the cross – I know the gospel story
They beat’em bad, hung him high – Yo, his face was gory
I’m not above Him, so I face the world for my Lordy
Yo, how you livin’? Can you bare it all like skinny dippin’
Or are you splittin’ like bananas peelin’ out and slippin’
The Lord commands to walk in love – But you catchin’ feelin’s
Act no different than the world – so they say you “trippin’”
The love’s the lighthouse on the hill – but your light is dimmin’
And you wonder – why you can’t convert nobody Christian
The fault is yours if they turn to them false religions
Blood on your hands, clean it up like them surgeons stitchin’
And be a living sacrifice, fam that’s reasonable
Renew your mind – prove that perfect, good, acceptable
Will of God – when you do it you’s a spectacle
The world hungers for the truth – but they skeptical
Susceptible to satan – but it ain’t intentional
Just preach the word – like Apostle Paul told Timmy too
He told him doesn’t even matter if it’s out of season
Or in season cause we risk our lives for good reason
If you save your life you’ll lose it cause that’s high treason
Chasing things that’s gleaming, scheming, dreaming, triple beaming
I know He promised us the good things but you know what I’m meaning
And when the jury’s out on it which way they gone be leaning


Verse 3
Will you live will you die for this gospel message?
To live is Christ – to die is gain – cause we’re resurrected
Preach prophetically – please pause from three point poetics
Tell the truth, nothing but the truth until they get it
They say don’t speak his name – “Jesus” yeah, there I said it
We need conviction like the church of old used to have it
They threw Paul in prison but my man was on a mission
“In my bonds Christ is manifest” – he strengthened Christians
In chains on some stained parchment the letters were written
Epistles deemed as Holy Scriptures from this eye witness
Not to mention smitten, shipwrecked, and snake bitten
His body bore the marks of Jesus – couldn’t tell no different
I know you listenin - but tell me can you feel me man?
Better yet, do you have His interests – do you really?
If so take it to – Timbuktu and back to Cali
Over mountain tops, through the woods and back alleys
He didn’t promise you a bed of roses lookin’ pretty
Persecution – that just comes with the territory
Yo, they can kill the body – but that’s not the real you
Don’t fold your hand – call they’re bluff no matter what they do
They put John in oil – he wouldn’t boil – they had no clue
The Lord’s the same, He hasn’t changed, and He’ll protect you
Be the evidence that represents the Way, the Truth
The Life – Exhibit A that’s on display – the Livin’ Proof


The Body Party

Written By: Zee (Aziz Peregrino-Brimah)

Verse 1
Now it’s alright to have a good time
Long as you keep things holy – long as you keep your mind
Keeping looking forward and forget the past – don’t press rewind
Even our Lord went to a party and turned water to wine
But we don’t drink and we don’t smoke
And we don’t creep and we don’t poke our nose where it ain’t supposed to go
Don’t boogie to the thong song on the dance floor
Go home and keep our clothes on after the show
If you didn’t know – you better ask somebody
We don’t cause trouble – we don’t bother nobody
The name is Zee, not Doug E and this ain’t Ladi Dadi
We’re the Body of Christ and we also like to party, cause…

We, we are family
Part of the same tree
All of the same body! (Yeah!)
He, He has set us free
Blind but now we see
So, let’s have a party!

Verse 2
You can get krunk for Christ – do the two-step - hill toe
Young or old – move your head back and forth – here we go
Electric slide fast or slow – pop lock across the floor
- - Do whatcha’ like – just don’t drop it like it’s hot though!
Get ya back up off the wall (HEY!!!)
I’m no ways tired, so I’m having a ball (HEY!!!)
I’m gonna dance like I’m crazy – what about y’all? (YEAH!!!)
Jesus has made us free – now you and me can give our all
Lord knows I was hot mess when I was lost
I used step up in the club and show’em whose boss
Acting a fool and doing my thing – being insane
So much so, they say “He ain’t got no brain”
Well, I looked at my hands, my hands looked new
I looked down at my feet and they did too (Whoo)
And ever since that wonderful day (HEY!!!)
My soul’s been so satisfied in every possible way, because…


Verse 3
There’s a whole lot wrong with a little bump and grind
Like your mama used to tell you “Don’t touch what you can’t buy”
And don’t buy the lie unless you wanna see your hinny fry
Look sin in the face and tell that thang “GOODBYE” (AOL voice)
I’m glad we’re all in this thing together
I can pray for you – you can pray for me – wherever
Whenever – whatever it is – yo, it doesn’t matter
Our Father’s more powerful than any thing that’s coming at ya
Because of that you know that we ain’t stressin’
You just go ahead and praise Him and thank Him – go on and get your blessing
And when you do you know you keep the devil guessing
And since we ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout him – I got one question
Yo, where the Body at? (The Body’s over here)
Yo, where the party at? (The party’s over)
If you’re not in the Body – accept Jesus and get right
When you do we gonna party tonight, because…



Hook x2


Livin' Proof (September 11, 2006)

Album: The Legacy: The Day It All Changed (2006)
Artist: Phlo
Song: Ride Tonite (feat. Warson and Zee)

3rd Coast Fiyah: Heatwave Mixtape (2006)
Artists: Various Artists
Song: Moufs of da Souf

Album: For the Yard (2006)
Artist: Various Artists
Song: Livin' the Agape (feat. Chi Chi)

Album: Let'em Go (2005)
Artist: Big R
Song: Time to Fight (feat. Tony Stone and Zee)

Set List

An ideal set would average 35 - 45 minutes. I have enough material to minister for about an hour. Each song has a very different vibe and message, so the audience will not grow so tired of the performance. I go with the flow (of the spirit, that is). No two crowds are the same. As for song selection, I don't always know what song(s) I'll do until I step foot onto the scene.