zeile august

zeile august


The American Ballad done as ethereal lounge.


The solace that i found in my early Vinyl collection was just the tipping point in a life that was in transformation. Songs inspired me above anything else. So, i taught myself three chords on an old Martin guitar left behind and i fell in love with the American ballad and the autobiographical nature of the form. The rendering down of story and motion linked all things for me; my guitar reaching for sounds that reflect how it feels. It was a few years of hobo-ing around Europe and the Pacific Northwest with guitar in- tow until i wrote, sang and performed in a trio as “Zeile” in Portland, Oregon. We played Berbatti’s Pan, a few of the Mcmennimin Brothers places and had a small Seattle production company interested in doing a film and a record with us- for personal reasons i moved back to New England and landed in a small ecclectic community of musicians in Salem, Mass. I was co-creator and musical hostess of the weekly “Acid Cabaret” hosting some of Berkeley’s youngest alongside salted pro’s; i played as an opener for Mark Nelson and shared open mics(one of them hosted by Russ Lawton) with Susan Tedeschi and Mary Lou lord. Moving to Portland, Maine and finally finding home, I began about a five year journey with “Ditchweed Road”. I co-lead, co-wrote, sang, and played acoustic guitar and we played the club circuit in Portland. We recorded a studio album with Huck Bennert and had a song produced by Charlie Gaylord for “Greetings from Area Code 207, Vol, 3”. Ditchweed Road “broke- up” and i built a studio in the attic of our 1890 Workingman Victorian on Munjoy Hill. An 8-track and I wrote “Orion’s Belt” later recording it with longtime band-mate and friend Fred Morin on Upright bass and heading to “The Halo” where Jonathan Wyman recorded and mixed (June- 2008) followed by (with Jon also producing) “Lucie’s Hobo Package” (November-2008). Both recorded and mixed in under a week from live takes, these records translate the bones of how i feel and what a decade and a half primed me for. (Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway). I formed “Orion’s Belt Records” to release them with plans to record again when it gets cold. Happy summer, thanks for reading and listening. Enjoy. Zeile.


36 doors

Written By: Zeile August Dougher

I don't remember- i don't recall no- his pretty young face at all so don't be weepin' ya got to keep from keeping on and coming through that back door baby /so don't be foolin' yourself it's gonna come around again baby- this time for more- this time for more. cause it's 36 doors i open and close trying to keep things tight in this old house built for winter i just watch for flight-of the gulls and sparrows the crows and narrows of my heart and my face aged next to hers in this brand new start so don't be foolin yourself it's gonna come around again baby this time for more it's you i love- don't ya know that by now and even your reckless tires couldn't pull me from this house the steps at night of which i know so well but i'm never lonely then it's just the rememberin' that reminds me of him and always tryin' to reel you in so don't be foolin' yourself its gonna come around again baby this time for more. this time for more. baby this time.

Big Red Truck

Written By: Zeile August

so don't you sleep so soundly that you can not feel your dreams.

bonnie rose

Written By: zeile august dougher

Bonnie Rose: (for Sue)
So- you drive as far as you can- over another state line- your on a real drive cause your a simple man- and she knows you came-but you go-just the same- with a baby on the way. Oh, sweet Bonnie rose- what kind of garden did you grow? She didn’t even know his name. The middle of which sounds just like the month he left you lyin’ in shame. Oh, sweet Bonnie rose what kind of garden did you grow-take that thorn from your side and take yourself a Sunday drive.


Orion's Belt/LP released: September/2008 c. orion's belt records
Lucie's hobo package/ LP released: June/2009 c. orion's belt records

Set List

between 10-20 original songs- set on feel and venue. able to play 15 succinct minutes to two hours- just getting warmed up then! the songs range from the last fifteen years of writing up to today.