Zeitlet X-emble

Zeitlet X-emble


ZeitLet is an italian orchestral rock band born in the early months of 2005. Our aim is to work to create an original production that could merge and organize different musical idioms, as well as to combine writing procedures and improvisation within one collective.


In february 2005 a small bunch of music students met in a reharsal room to discuss about a band to found. A band in which musicians with different backgrounds could gather; in which classical music and rock attitudes could coexist; in which could dwell together written passages with aleatory and extemporary forms.
A band that shares the aim of a high quality performance, outside the narrow and frustrating praxis of a professional orchestral player, doing a job that could be at the same time occasion for personal research, professional formation and leasure too.
The idea was to work upon language integration, with focus on contemporary idioms and technological aspects in music, without any division between research and tradition, “popular” and “serious”.

By now ZeitLet performed, with different line ups (3, 6, 7 or 10 musician) several gigs in different places in Rome (INIT club, Circolo degli Artisti, Rashomon, Stazione Birra, Sinister Noise), performed for the LUISS University of Rome. ZeitLet also played for event promoters (Vitamina T, Logaritmo di Zero, Festa Europea della Musica), partecipated to some Underground music festivals such as Roostock and got the Honour Degree in T.I.M. contest (Torneo internazionale della Musica).
The band also composed music for theater, such as Othello, globe theater; Caligola, Teatro dell'orologio and for short footage films and arts video, among these Pasprefut by Davide Maldi, which won prizes in several film festivals.
Their music is distributed on the net by the Beatpick label.

at the moment Zeitlet X-emble is recording a studio Album.

This year Zeitlet X-emble won the Independent Music Awards in the film music category with the theme from the movie Pasprefut.


Suite n°1, Mirror/mirror (cd, beatpick 2006)
Quadriglia spaziale (single 2006)
Mollicone (single 2006)
Tempo perso (single 2006)
Completely fraudolent overture (single 2007)
Lentamente scendendo (single 2007)
Theme from Pastprefut (single 2007)
Now recording LP Album

Set List

A ZeitLet set is usually one hour long, and can vary in number of instruments from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 players, depending on the venue.