ZEK is a Rock band that brings an explosive but united energy for your listening pleasure.....


Zek is a four piece Rock band that has been performing around the Portland area for the last for 2 years. From the first time you hear ZEK, you will want to hear them again and again. With there united and energetic studio sound, and a live show that will leave you as pumped as they are, there is no question this band will reach the next level.

Evolving out of the ashes of Graceful Insanity in 2004, Jon White and Kray Anthony collaborated on a handful of new songs and recorded a demo under the name Joyce. After playing a few acoustic shows, the two realized that they were onto something special and decided to start looking for a rhythm section. A run in with an old friend led to a jam session with bassist Skot with a K (who previously played in Dead Ledder with Kray Anthony) and drummer Matt Adams (previously of Amenity). The chemistry was instant and so Zek was born.

It was only a matter of a few months before they were playing around town at clubs such as The Roseland Theatre, The Tonic Lounge, and The Ash Street Saloon. During this time, Zek gained attention for their high energy shows and the obvious connection that they shared on stage.

In March of 2006, the project came full circle when Graceful Insanity drummer Mark Monteverdi was added to the lineup. The addition brought a new energy to the rhythm section that helped the band evolve and grow to new heights.

After playing a handful of shows in 2006, Zek finally got into the studio and recorded their first EP "In Lies," which was released on August 10th, 2007. With all this experience behind them and their new EP “In Lies,” Zek is headed in the right direction...


In Lies

Written By: ZEK

He's got a feeling
he's all alone now
try to stop thinking
before time runs out
Time is waisting
stares at a reflection
who is starring
back at this lonely man

He knows that he's already gone
that's no suprise

Mind is racing
the cover is coming in
who will cover
this empty man
no use in trying
he don't belive in himself
self destruction
has never seemed so fit

He's gone over every thought
time and time again it's for his right
that he's fought in between the meaning
knows that he's already gone
already gone

already gone I can't stop thinking
already gone I'm in your mind


"In Lies" Ep (c) 2007

Set List

Atop My Throne
Left Shoulder Talk
Face the Wall
Hey I...
Strength Behind
In Lies
All In Time
Cut up
Waitin' Round

*Our sets are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour
*Our covers if we play any include Rockin' in the Free World and Yellow leadbetter