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Plainfield, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Plainfield, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Zeke Mar Lee Shares the Video for "Mona Lisa""

Plainfield, New Jersey’s Zeke Mar Lee releases the video for “Mona Lisa,” a record off his debut album PAINFIELD. The video for the N-Soul Beatz-produced single features fellow Plainfield artist, Hank Moodie, is directed by Lord Nesse and shot by Project.

“The ‘Mona Lisa’ video is a thrilling end to a trilogy of videos released off my debut album PAINFIELD,” Zeke says. “This video, which serves as my third single, ties together the story plot of excitement, cynicism, love, and betrayal, created by the two previous videos, ‘Almighty Dolla’ & ‘82501’.”

PAINFIELD — a 13-song LP that features guest appearances from Domino Blacc, Jalyn Jewel, among others — was released in 2018. - HYPEBEAST

"ICYMI: Big K.R.I.T., Key! & Kenny Beats, Danileigh, ESTA. and More Also featuring YGTUT, Saweetie, Zeke Mar Lee and Bernard Jabs."

Zeke Mar Lee – PAINFIELD [Forgotten Society Ent]
New Jersey rising rapper Zeke Mar Lee drops his debut album PAINFIELD, which depicts his life’s growing pains, from his eyes, in his hometown Plainfield, N. J. and how that has molded him into the man he is today. - HYPEBEAST

"The Break Presents: Zeke Mar Lee"

When you think of hip-hop’s biggest talent pools, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles are just some of the areas that quickly come to mind. But New Jersey has been growing its own underground scene over the past couple of years. One of the bright faces from the Garden State is Zeke Mar Lee, a Plainfield native who’s been steadily putting in work for the last two years.
Zeke’s family is blessed with musical talent — his cousin was a part of Parliament-Funkadelic — and the budding MC, along with his live band, have been traveling all over the tri-state area preforming music to spread their movement. He recently released a solid mixtape titled the MAFiiiA tape earlier this year. Now the focus is all on Zeke’s debut album.
“I’m working on my first actual album,” he tells XXL. “I put out a few tapes and have people opening their eyes on me. But right now I’m working on my album. It’s not just one sound, I want a thousand people to hear it and all have a different favorite song. I’m really focus on making an undeniable project.”
Get to know Zeke Mar Lee.
Name: Zeke Mar Lee
Age: 27
Hometown: Plainfield, N.J.
I grew up listening to: “I grew up on everything my mom was listening to. My mom listened to gospel heavy. My older brother was into rap, he was into Nas and he was really big on Biggie. But being from Plainfield, it’s like the home of Funk. So I listened to Parliement-Funkadelic, playing a lot of that stuff growing up.
“My mom bought me my first tape. It was ‘U.N.I.T.Y’ by Queen Latifah and my first CD was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. That was the first project I listened to. The first rap album that I listened to was Illmatic. My brother had a bootleg copy of it and we played it until it didn’t play anymore.
“I used to rap in middle school, during recess. As I got older it progressed to on the bus after high school sports. Around then I started to notice that I was good at it. I took it a little more serious in college when I met some people and was able to network. But I would say I really took it serious as like a career two years ago. But I’ve been rapping all my life.”
Most people don’t know: “I play three instruments. Any drum set you can give me I can play. I also play the trumpet and the trombone. I come from a family of musicians. One of my closest cousins was apart of the Parliament-Funkadelic.”
My style’s been compared to: “Big Sean, Wale, J. Cole, stuff like that. I like authentic hip-hop but I like how hip-hop has evolved to in different areas. I don’t feel like your sound has to be geared off the area you’re from. You can pull from everywhere. My sound is kind of taking from real rap but also still interesting and still creative. It’s right in the middle.”
My standout records or moments to date have been: “I would say I did a show in my hometown. I have a live band and we did this concert and it was like the first time my hometown had seen me in about a year. After the show people in my hometown were going crazy. Getting the love from home was reassuring. You always need that.”
My goal in hip-hop is to: “I want to change people’s lives. I like the feeling when I perform with my band; I like seeing people’s energy. I want to make people feel like they can do whatever they want to do or whatever they choose. You don’t have to be boxed in. I want to see the world and perform my music. There’s no ceiling for me on what I want to be. Just push my brand and make music that people can relate to and feel.”
I’m gonna be the next: “I would say the next Allen Iverson of music. When sports wanted you to be a certain way, Allen Iverson showed he can still be himself and still be as great as they thought he can be. I feel like music is making that turn and it’s coming back to music with substance. I want to be the change that helps put that further.” - XXL

"Plainfield’s Own Zeke Mar Lee Drops a New Visual “Everyday Struggle” Freestyle"

Plainfield NJ Artist Zeke Mar Lee gives new visuals to his “Everyday Struggle” Freestyle to promo the new EP “Painfield”. Make sure to visit ForgottenSocietyent.com for all updates on Zeke Mar Lee and grab some merch. Check out the new visuals below for “Everyday Struggle” Freestyle.

Follow Zeke Mar Lee on Social Media

IG: @ZekeMarlee

Twitter: @Zekemarlee

Website: ForgottenSocietyent.com - S.U.I.T.S.

"Plainfield Native Zeke Mar Lee Releases New Project Session Dos"

No Gang Records & Zeke Mar Lee Gives us the 2nd and final installment of his Vater Sessions entitled “Session Dos” clean production great song content and all around solid project. - S.U.I.T.S.

"Artist To Watch: Zeke Mar Lee"

Hip-hop has a way of birthing some of the greatest poets and even the greatest artist. And it has just birthed arguable its greatest independent MC of our time. All eyes are on our artist to watch and Jersey native, Zeke Mar Lee.

As an artist who understands the importance of lyrics, production, and musicality, Zeke has made it his mission to bring quality music back to hip-hop. He embodies the essence of a true MC while still embodying the nature of an artist in order to be recognized. He spits his socially conscious lyrics with clarity and confidence as if his truth is your truth.

Accompanied by a live band, Zeke has a performance presence that captures the audience in such a way even if you had no idea who he was, you find yourself wrapped up in his lyrics and beats.

Zeke is a young rapper who gives hope and life back into hip-hop. He will be breathing life back into the genre on a scale bigger than you can imagine. - Pynk


EP - Vater Sessions (2014)

EP - Session Dos (2016)

EP - MAFiiiA Tape (2017)

Album - PAINFIELD (2018)



Most people don't realize their true talents until they've entered adulthood and even fewer allow themselves to hone those talents in order to build a career, but that isn't the case for Zeke Mar Lee.

The Plainfield, NJ native grew up in a musical household. At an early age, he was introduced to a plethora of genres ranging from jazz to hip-hop/rap and instruments including the drums, trumpet, and trombone. This allowed him to easily expand his musical palette and influences. At the age of 12, he started experimenting with freestyling with friends during recess for fun, but soon realized it was something he wanted to take seriously. By the time high school rolled around, Zeke was already writing and recording his own music.  Drawing inspiration from his two brothers, he was able to create a stage name that resonated deep in his heart and signified his role between them. "Zeke" a nickname for his younger brother "Mar" representing himself, and "Lee" the name of his older brother, making Zeke Marlee. He later went on to attend Rutgers University where he decided to think of rapping as more than a hobby and really strengthen his craft.
Zeke's music is a blend of many different sounds. Drawing inspiration from artists like Jay Z, Nas,The Fugees, DMX, Lil Wayne, and The Roots, taught him about different techniques and leaving listeners with a message through his lyrics. From soulful beats to East Coast hip-hop sounds to mainstream instrumentals, he's able to create his own distinct sound with them all through his "chameleon like delivery." He's gifted enough to adjust to the feel and layers of a beat and switch up flows effortlessly. Zeke views hip-hop as a platform to tell not only his story, but the story of people around him. Like a painter with his canvas, he uses the beat as an outlet to paint a picture for his audience.

Zeke's talents haven't gone unnoticed. He's been performing new music all over the tri-state with a newly constructed live band "The Vaters".  As he continues to learn more about the business, Zeke's main focus it to grow as an artist by leaving a lasting impression in hip-hop. 

Zeke has been featured in various media publications such as XXL’s “The Break” and also Hypebeast highlighting Zeke as one of the artists to listen to, among other large name artist such as Big K.R.I.T. 

His debut album “PAINFIELD” depicts life's growing pains, from his eyes, in his hometown and how that has molded him into the man he is today.
"The goal is to be legendary and make great music that can live past my time and serve as a voice to those without one. . ." - Zeke Mar Lee

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