zeke sturg

zeke sturg


alternative pop rock / timeless love ballads/classic rock/dance/ hey, why try and limit me to a style? As John Lennon said 'a good song is a good song and will stand the test of time'. Because I'm a songwriter, songs are songs to me, its up to you to decide what you like. I just like great songs!


What sets me apart is I'm a great songwriter. My influences come from beyond my physical sphere from many directions. I'm set apart because I don't even listen to other bands. Whatever happens it happens without the inspiration of man designated 'idols' or 'earthly demigods'.


I have released "Time In A Padded Cell" which contains 13 songs. 13 is my cosmic number and all releases hereafter will have 13 songs per disc, etc.
I have approx. 200 more songs in waiting...to be streamed or otherwise.

Set List

I just do whatever I please for however long. I don't do covers. I think doing covers is like becoming a typist for some executive. I didn't become a musician to 'type' other artists work.