Zelfish Perez

Zelfish Perez

 Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

We are Things are not Life and we are here to tell you that Things are not Life. We believe in the power of rock albums.
Remember how it felt the first time you listened to "Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust" by Bowie, or "Kind of magic" by Queen, or "In Utero" by Nirvana and thought, man, this sounds huge…
Thats how we think music should be, powerful. That is how we make or music.


We blend a tone somewhere between rock and trip-hop. Our aim is to make music all year long, meet interesting people, and make enough money to survive without having to work as gravediggers. We will greatly appreciate any contribution you can make to any of our causes. Especially the last one.

Weve been working since 2005 and our debut album Su Venir EP (2007) allowed us to perform twice at Rock al Parque Fest (80,000 in attendance), to go on a national tour (Bogot, Medelln, Cali, Pereira, Armenia y Barranquilla), and a brief tour in Argentina (though really short, still a tour).

Ahorcado Records is currently releasing our second album San Boquilino y Cuerposinalma on some digital platforms (iTunes, Google Play, LastFM, etc...) as well as download cards.

We will be touring all 2013 in any place in the planet that will open its doors to our music. "El fin se acerca Tour" started with an european leg playing in Madrid, Rome and Paris from December 2012 to January 2013. We are currently working on new dates for summer 2013 in the USA, Mexico and Canada. We are also working on new tracks for our third album to be recorded on december 2013.

Our music has been played on Colombian radio stations such as Radinica and Radioactiva and on several U.S. and Latin-American online radio stations. We have also been part of different compilation albums such as Colombian Tribute to The Ramones.

On November 17th we recorded our first live DVD concert at the National Museum of Colombia and will be released March 2013.

Zelfish Perez is:

Igor Guezz: Lead vocals, synths, bandurria, among other stuff. Amateur boxer who was once defeated by an 18 year old wimpy skinny guy who left him unconscious for about two minutes. He loves creating his own instruments and he has been playing piano ever since he remembers. Curious facts: he sang at Opera al Parque and played the tambourine in the school tuna.

Andrs Snchez: Drums. He is the one with gravedigging experience. He would rather earn the minimum wage and have some free time to spend on his drums instead of having a better job and not having free time at all. He has also played with Cluster Zero and Opensight.

Esteban Martinez: Bass. We only know he likes to play with a mask and that if someone asks him to take it off, he might turn nasty. He has also played with Last Confessions and is childishly afraid of bugs.

Edgar Grimaldos: Guitar. Never swears. Used to be an industrial designer but decided to play guitar in order to save the bears from extinction.

San Boquilino & Cuerposinalma
It took us several years to finish this album. The songs were composed since 2005 and it was recorded on December 2010. Its postproduction carried on until until July 2012.

It involves orchestral textures with trip-hop heavy beats, bandurria solos, epic voice lines, vital and hypnotic rock. Our new album simply reveals the sound from a mature, energetic and strong band. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy making it.



Written By: I. Guezz

no puede ser que yo muriera por agua
con orificios de herida mortal uuuu
la sombra que fue juez fue un buitre ahorcado
y las miradas de una gente normal uuuu
mis manos son de hiel llenas de gusanos
y las palabras que me hiciste llorar uuuu
se mueve sobre ti se mueve la selva
y la serpiente se ríe de mi uuuu
no, no, nopuedeserlo
no, no es real nopuedeserlo

In English
It can't be that
I died from water
with wounds like holes
The shadow that was my judge
was hanged vulture
and the stares of some normal people

My hands are made of clay
full of maggots
and the words you made me cry
It moves above you
the jungle moves around you
and the serpent laughs at me

No, it cannot be


Written By: I. Guezz

niun pa so más a nimal quien da más por ti quien da más por mi quien da más
si len cioal fin a sesi noin fe liz, sabrás quien soy yo sabrás quien soy yo
el cu chi llo a puntó ha cia mi, falló no fue fiel, FALLÓ no fue fiel
vamos juntos a babel post-mortem donde se oye mal, todo se oye mal
yo se quien tiene miedo
mu ñe cas sin alma para comer, pero vas a ver
hoy voy a ser tu juez tendrás que pagar

In English
Not one more step animal
who gives more for you?
for me, who gives more?
silence at last worthless killer
you'll know who gives more

the knife pointed at me
it failed, it wasn't faithful
it failed, it wasn't faithful
lets go together to Babel
where everything sounds bad

I know who is Afraid

Dolls without souls for diner
but you'll see,
today I'll be your judge
the animal has to pay for its evil
you'll have to pay
you'll have to pay


Written By: I. Guezz

nunca quisiste aceptar lo que hay al final
la cicatriz viene y va con cada señal
siento que la vida nos alcanza y será lo que será
siempre escogiste ignorar lo que hay al final
somos dos ciegos, no más, buscando escapar
siento que la vida nos alcanza
siento que el tiempo se acaba
siento que ya no tengo fe
TVre cuando se acerque el final
TVre cuando podamos hablar
sin dolor, sin pedir perdón
sin dolor, sin decir adiós
siempre escogimos ignorar que no queda más
que la ceniza, al final, no puedo cambiar
end of the world baby, end of the world
end of the road, end of the road baby, yeah!

In English

You never wanted to accept what lied in the end
the scar comes and goes at every sign

I feel that life is catching up to us
I feel that times are coming to an end
I feel that I don't have enough faith

You always chose to ignore the end
we are just blind, nothing else
looking for a way out

I'll see you when the end is near
I'll see you when we can talk
without pain, without asking for forgiveness
without pain, without saying goodbye

We always chose to ignore that there's nothing left
than the ashes, i cannot change


2005 - 612 Single
2006 - 612 Video (mejor video Rock al Parque 2007)
2007 - Su Venir EP (Over 3000 copies sold)
2012 - San Boquilino & Cuerposinalma
2013 - Desde las Jaulas LIVE

Set List

El fin se acerca Tour

- Hiperbalada
- Arzobispo Nuclear
- 612
- Agujas
- El Árbol Rojo
- Caos
- Canción de Cuna
- Animal
- TVre

- Fragil
- La hora extraña
- Hoy vas a morir