Vitória, Espírito Santo, BRA

"It’s a finnest electro that, live, turns into a legitimate collective of rock, if we take into account their stage presence."


Zémaria is one of the most renowned electronic bands from Brazil. They've been playing together since college and have been nominated for many prizes including Best Electronic Act on MTV Awards Brazil. During the last years they have been building an international fan base, playing in festivals and theaters around the South America, USA and Europe. SXSW in Austin, The Pianos's Bar in NYC, the legendary Roxy Theatre in LA, the Electric Picnic Festival in Dublin, La Flèche d'Or in Paris, Tachelles in Berlin, Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund, Ilios Festival in Norway, Niceto in Buenos Aires, D-Edge in São Paulo, just to name a few.

In 2012 they worked alongside french producer Pegase (Minitel Rose) in Brazil and France, recording new tracks. After two successful EP's that bought them a lot of fans outside Brazil, a new album was finally released, online, on may 2013. The album includes the song 'Past 2', part of EA Games FIFA 13 official soundtrack; 'Great Escape', synchro for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 campaign on brazilian TV; and 'A Flora', which sound tracked the official MSN broadcasting for Cannes Festival 2013.

They've also made two strong official remixes, both for french female singers; Mai Lan (Wagram) and Birkii (Kitsunè).


Past 2

Written By: Zemaria

I don't know
You didn't come, and it's past two
You should go, yes it's fine, if you're decided to
You can go with your friends and have a bright time
You can show them the city at night life
Put a smile on your face and it's all up to you my friend

When you'll stay
When I'm on the way

You know that you have to
You get me now
You can't deny

Sky Dive

Written By: Zemaria

I can feel so high
I can touch the sky
I can listen to your voice
I can fly and dive for you

When I'm watching the sun go down
Feels like dancing in that paradise
Can't stop staring at the pink sky
My heart, it feels beating
So alive

Great Escape

Written By: Zemaria

I want it, I want it, I want you tonight
?I'm feeling it, I'm feeling it. I'm feeling alright??
Just want a chance with you?
I need a peace of mind?
I'm not insisting on you
?I'm relaxed too
??Not gonna escape tonight?
I got a feeling inside
?Don't wanna fix you
?Just face you??
I saw stars crossing the air?
I saw some future in the end

Instant Lover

Written By: Zemaria

I've been waiting to dance in the kitchen
I run out of water
I just rather smoke in the bedroom
Than be that bored
I've been waiting to catch you in the kitchen
I run into water
Instant lover
I'm your brother
So much wanted
We're just lovers
Instant lovers
I've got you waiting
One at a time


Zemaria - Zemaria (Album/2004)
Zemaria - 17:42 EP (2005)
Zemaria - Aqui não tem silencio EP (2006)
Zemaria - 11Trax (Album/2007)
Zemaria - Hot Tape Remixes (EP/2008)
Zemaria - The Space Ahead (Album/2009)
Zemaria - Any Distance (EP/2010)
Zemaria - Instant Lover (EP/2012)
Zemaria - Past 2 (EP/2012)
Zemaria - Great Escape (Album/2013)

Set List

...The lads successfully managed to bring everyone up dancing in front of them with their live up-beat electro songs. Throwing together a mix of styles, varying from Brazilian funk -soul to electro-rock Daft Punk classics, they sure won't ever be just that 'other band'.