Zenda Marie

Zenda Marie

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Zenda Marie is Galen and Kelsie, a pair of dreaming singer songwriters whose music is but the color of breath. Both Galen and Kelsie have found that throughout everything, music makes sense to them. It brings out the voice of the soul, spreading light to those who listen.


In Spring 2011 Zenda Marie formed when Galen brought Kelsie to Producer/Engineer Ben Tolliday’s house to test microphones for a blues project, unaware that a new duo would form or that a folk album was about to be recorded. Two weeks later Galen, Kelsie and Ben ventured up to San Francisco for a weekend of recording at Oh My Studio - a magical loft space set above a warehouse filled with 20th century art by Miro, Picasso, and Dali. This setting inspired Zenda Marie to record twelve songs in three days, laying the foundation for the debut album “Ancient”, with truly breathtaking vocal and guitar performances. Lord Huron drummer Mark Barry joined in, along with the sensuous strings of San Francisco based duo The Eye Fives, resulting in a journey of emanation, of pure harmonies touched by spirit and reflections of dreams, lost love and redemption.

Galen was born in Little Rock, Arkansas under the sign of Sagittarius. He began writing songs in 2006 after quitting work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. A few years later Galen moved to Los Angeles from New York, playing solo shows while working on an album for indie label Broken Electric Records. While looking for backup singers for his blues project, Galen met Kelsie Wilber.

Kelsie was born in Sacramento, California, and grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, singing A cappella with her sisters. Despite her tender age, Kelsie’s natural gift of voice manifests as if it were the voice of water and wind. Kelsie thought she had given up on pursuing music and went to attend Pepperdine, until the universe conspired to bring Galen to her through a mutual friend. Galen’s pure soul and passion for music gave life back to Kelsie’s almost forgotten dreams.




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Set List

12-15 songs.