From lush and aggresive to sparse and melodic, Zenen's sound is a mixture of electronica and rock that is left of center yet sonically inviting.


One of New York City’s most consistently inventive and unpredictable live/electronic hybrids, ZENEN are perhaps best described as a kind of controlled experiment or interactive sound environment-- it’s a process, they’ll tell you; it’s an ongoing process of forcing different elements to interact, of bringing together an incredibly diverse range of influences, writing styles and personalities and seeing what kind of collective creative alchemy they can work together on stage or in the studio. Their studio creations Experimental Situations (2002) and States of Mind (2004) appropriate freely from various genres, using trip-hop, dub, industrial, noise and rock elements as the raw material for wholly original and elegantly constructed designs.

To describe ZENEN as the sum of their respective credentials and influences only tells half the story. It is perhaps better to describe them as the sum of all the various angles at which their backgrounds, influences and personalities intersect with one another when they close the door, power on their gear and start producing sounds. Whatever it is, it is a slippery, multidimensional entity that is in a constant state of flux and evolution-- it can scare the hell out of you, or it can lull you into a meditative dreamlike semi-consciousness, or it can make you scratch your head and wonder "how exactly did they do that?" Whichever way, you’re in for quite a trip.


Losing It

Written By: Jesus Martinez(Ascap), Mike Grimes (BMI)

Surrealistic fantasies
Impulsive debauchery
Riddles for philosophies
No grasp on reality
Hold me down
In cold water till I come to
Hold me down
I’ve discovered this is between me and you

And I’m losing it

Broken dreams
Broken skin
Helpless thoughts
And cryptic nightmares
Terrified by all the screams
From within me
Mortified by all the false hope
That the world has fed into me

And I’m losing it

It’s all in my head…


An End To This Line
October 2006
Zero Below Records
1.Stuck In Time 2.Great Divide 3.Fail-Safe 4.Speed Of Love 5.This World We Made Up 6.I'm Not 7.What I Want 8.A Home In Here 9.En Contra 10.The Sum 11.An End To This Line

States Of Mind
1.Shut Eye 2.Ancient Anonymous 3.100 4.Sufferings 5.Losing It 6.Blisters 7.Hide Beneath
-Losing It- has been featured on several music compilation CDs for magazines and has recieved airplay in UK, France, Spain and US mainstream rock radio, satellite and internet radio and has a music video directed by Nathan Sharratt (www.alienate.tv) which has aired on several indie music video shows in US, Europe, and Asia. I has also been remixed by various international DJs and Producers.

Experimental Situation
1.How Could I Feel 2.Tundra 3.Mr. Magic 4.Bullshit Sympathy 5. Pulse 6.Dives 7.ESP 8.Dead In The Eyes 9.Black Coffe

Set List

This is our latest set list for a 40 minute show which includes several new songs from our forthcoming CD.

Stuck In Time
Great Divide
Fail Safe
Losing It
I'm Not...
What I Want
Speed Of Love
A Home In Here
The Sum
Shut Eye