Zen Media

Zen Media


Soulful, hip hugging, super charged live party act!


Zen Media is a Funk and Dub band hailing from Kelowna, BC. This 9 piece outfit has been tearing parties open in venues across British Columbia and Alberta for 3 years. From Vancouver to Calgary Zen Media has collected strong reviews and smiling fans while making a mark on the Funk and Dub scene with its original tunes and strong stage presence.

Zen Media is accepting bookings and can be reached by phone at (250) 861 6754 or online at zenmedia@gmail.com


Little Piece of Heaven

Written By: Diana Polmear

Where am I goin' babe
if its not with you?
Who am I runnin' to and what do I do?
This vibe is ridin' on a natural high
a fever hit me, my heads in the sky
and its like a deep pressure building up inside and I'm thinkin' that I know what I might do tonight with this little piece of Heaven
Goin' where the wind blows
where the water flows
where the trees they hold me tight
and the fire burns its light
theres only one way out of here and I ain't leavin' with you my dear
This isn't somethin' only one of us can do
This is the final choice we all gotta choose
these kids and I are gonna travel the globe to spread some lov in this new age baby don't you know its like a
Sweet callin' fraom an ancient time tellin' every one of you is perfect
you are a little piece of heaven


Zen Teaser Ep

Set List

Typical set list is two 1 and half hour sets
Sets are subject to improv sections

Original material:
Circle Sphere
Bright World
Jump & Shout
Hold on to the Love
Elephant Strut
Hit 'Em
Whatcha Want
Down, Down, Down
Little Piece of Heaven
Come Sweet Dawn
Thirteen Moons
Time's Up
The Roots
For The People

(Occasional Covers include The Meters, Average White Band, Herbie Hancock, Kool and the Gang, James Brown, Lynn Collins, Fat Freddy's Drop)