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Our new self-titled EP is currently available. Containing 6 new songs, the EP spans several genres including heavy rock, ambient grooves, and Meat Pie rock (you'll have to listen to understand!)

www.zenmen.org includes live streaming of the songs and the CD is available for purchase through our website. Downloadable mp3's will also be available through our site in the future.

ZenMen has been featured on prominent Internet radio stations including TripleX radio and Canada Rocks.



Simply put, ZenMen is a philosophy on life - never give up on achieving the dream regardless of where the path has led. Existing in the dual worlds of rock artistry and demanding corporate careers, ZenMen has focused on creating music that appeals to as wide-ranging an audience as possible without compromising on quality.

That uncompromising quality is evident on their self-titled debut EP featuring the fan favourite "Cutter". Cutter has made a big impact on garageband.com becoming a Top10 hit within the Modern Rock category and earning 14 awards along the way including:

Track of the Day in Modern Rock
#21 Best Guitars in Modern Rock, all-time
#11 Rocking Track in Modern Rock, all-time
Most Original in Modern Rock

What makes this accomplishment sweeter is that Cutter earned these awards within days of appearing on garageband. However, the true reward was found in the comments made by the fans from around the world - an overwhelmingly positive acceptance of ZenMen's music and a testament to the abilities of the players.

Soon after, Internet radio stations were starting to pick up on ZenMen's sound and "Cutter", "Shadows on the Plains", and the sleeper fave "Exploration" were quickly making the rounds on several prominent stations. ZenMen was also invited to perform in the Paragon Battle of the Bands based on the strength of the recordings and was featured in the Jan 2007 edition of Toronto EXCLUSIVE magazine.

What is the secret to ZenMen's success? Dedication for one thing. Completing the recording was no small feat in itself as each member is also a career professional with tough schedules to balance! Having formidable talent within the ranks of ZenMen is another (award-winning guitars and bass prove the point). Lastly, the "less is more" concept defines their sound. ZenMen's approach to music is simple - blend the successful elements of modern and classic rock while being selective about which, if any, trends and fads to incorporate within the songs.

What really sets ZenMen's music apart is that it is driven by the collective experiences of each of the members and their understanding of the social milieu affecting the world. It's about living the rockstar fantasy of every corporate professional. It's about speaking out for those throughout the world who have no voice.

The goal of ZenMen is continual evolution. ZenMen truly is music without borders where you will find a hard-hitting rock song incorporating heavy solos balanced by an ambient ballad with hip-hop drums and Spanish-tinged guitar. To this end, ZenMen has written more material encompassing several genres from jazz to heavy rock. New songs such as "E-Love" and "Bittersweet" have been well-received in live performance as is the new crowd fave, "Love Me" (in fact at a recent concert, "Cutter", "Exploration", and "Love Me" were played twice due to popular demand!)

With several ZenMen songs already making a big impression, ZenMen is continuing to reach out to an ever-growing audience throughout the world. "Cutter" has proven to be a favourite in the US, Canada, and Europe while a Chicago-based fan raved at how "Meat Pies" inspired him to no end!

Look for a recording of the new material to be released in summer 2007. In the meantime, check out ZenMen's infectious tunes @ www.zenmen.org and get ready to make ZenMen one of your favourite new bands!