Zenobia Smith

Zenobia Smith


Zenobia is an annointed and gifted artist. God is taking her on a journey with him. He is using her beautiful gift of song to reach the enter sole of his people and breaking the chains on the sinner enabling them to come to Jesus Christ.


Led Worship in the Prayer Room for a Men's Conference where Coach Bill McCartney, (National Promise Keepers Founder) was to speak at Weber State University. When he heard Zenobia, he asked her for a personal ministry session to bless his spirit before walking out to speak to 2000 men, the largest Christian men's conference to date in Utah. Special Worship leader for a Women AGLOW State-wide Conference in Salt Lake City.
She has ministered across the U.S. to diverse cultures and also traveled to lead worship in Germany and England.

Contact Information:

Tina Haynes (913) 579-2164


Zenobia L. Smith (816) 765-2328

Email address: kcsongbird@kc.rr.com

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Set List

6 songs 2 sets at 35 mins