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Zephaniah is an American singer, songwriter, producer and performer. Born in Cleveland, OH on February 17, 1987 and raised in North Carolina, he was first exposed to music in church as the youngest member of his father's community choir. Heavily influenced by pop, soul, jazz, gospel, Broadway and classical compositions.

Zephaniah's musical talent was almost cut short at the age of 3 when he contracted a serious case of Meningitis. After two weeks in a coma and a long rehabilitation process, he made a full recovery and immediately hurled himself into all things performance.

"I remember as a child staying closed up in my room, recording vocals with cassette players, using anything in my room for drums. And once I recorded all the vocals, I would perform in arenas ( my room) in front of an audience ( my toys/ bears etc) and give my ALL.....I would do a concert EVERYday in a "different city." In my mind it was the greatest tour. I did costume changes as well."

Zephaniah has already amassed a following overseas with a steady stream of singles produced by the Atherley Brothers of the UK. Best described as "Spunk" - a mixture of Pop, Soul and Funk - his music has taken him to cities across the country. Zephaniah first single "Save Me Now" is now available on iTunes.


Save Me Now

Written By: Zephaniah

Verse 1:
Tell me when ya gonna work it out
I've been struggling for awhile
I got two jobs and I wanna quit
But I'm a single mother with a kid
Well I'm a man afraid to be a man
Don't wanna take responsibilities
I'm afraid I will fail
Ah no man wants to fail

Save Me Now (4x)

Verse 2:
Lawd I'm tired of going through down here
Come by here and heal the hurt and pain
No more tears cause' I've cried today
Send me joy; peace rise within
Well speak to me, I need to hear your voice
I'm all ears, I'm listening
I'll obey, slipped away
Biggie, biggie give me one more chance

Save Me Now (4x)

Rap Verse:
Wait, wait, hold up
Let me rap this up
The beats cold, so you know I had to heat that up
Got drama, need a little opera
So dirty, here's bars of soap
Just DIAL my number and I'll come cleanse your soul
You wonder why you had a LoveHEARTattack
cause' you blocked the blood flow for some lust man



Save Me Now (single)
All For You Mixtape

Set List

1. Intro
2. Show Out
3. Would You Mind
4. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Michael Jackson Cover)
5. I Want You Back Medley (Jackson 5 Cover)
6. The Beautiful Ones (Prince Cover)
7. Someone Like You (Adele Cover)
8.Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)
9. I Miss You
10. Save Me Now Intro
11. Save Me Now