Bristol, England, GBR

"Empassioned voices and guitars united in musical excellence" - Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales


Formed in 2013 the band consists of Welsh brothers Louis (vocals) and Toby Ellis (drums) and guitarist Shannon Edwards. The group have gathered a wealth of live experience over the past four years together having played at various venues and events across the UK and Europe. Zepher play a blend of rock and pop combining big rock choruses with infectious pop melodies and memorable lyrics.


Brand New Day

Written By: Louis Thomas Ellis

"Spent all summer in the sweet sunshine, singing songs and drinking wine, but now summers been and gone, and I'm moving on,
There was a time when it was all I desired, but I've grow tired of it,
It's alright, all night, I've got a brand new day in my sight, sing my song, all day long, 'cause I'm moving on, nobody's gonna stand in the way, of my brand new day,
I've been down and I've, felt the blues, wished I could be in anyone else's shoes, but life rolls on, and I'm rolling with it now, and I'm moving on,
'Cause I'm sick of never making a sound, It's time I stand my ground,
I've had my fair share of pain, but now the sun shines on me again,
Nothing's gonna get in the way, of my brand new day,"


>Zepher Debut E.P.

Radio Airplay:
>"Brand New Day" - GlossFM, South Gloucestershire
>"Too Hot To Handle" - Cool Med Radio, Alicante, Spain
>"Nothin' But Blues" - Radio Cardiff
>"Things Are Gonna Change" & "Beneath The Stars" - Tequila Radio, Cardiff