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Zephrus, 3 piece rock ensemble from Burlington, VT, presents a unique, modern take on classic rock influences. Tight, organized arrangements are seamlessly combined with artistic improv, virtuoso rock leads, tribal drumming, and catchy vocals, backed by soaring harmonies and synth textures.


Zephrus, a 3 piece electric and acoustic ensemble out of Burlington, features the talents of Corey Cranston (Excessive Behaviour, Band-X, Elephants of Scotland) on guitar, Troy Cyphers (Band-X, Dog, Baba Fats) on drums, and Scott McGrath (Shakedown, November Guest, Longford Row) on bass. Their music consists of a mixture of epic instrumentals, highly re-imagined rock covers, and deep-track originals with vocals. Using innovative approaches to each of their instruments, Zephrus' musical canvas is painted with brush strokes of Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, The Police, Weather Report, and more, forming an exciting, cerebral, and entirely unique body of work.


Zephrus' eponymous debut album was released on November 20th, 2012. It has already received airplay on several radio stations, online and on the air, in their home state of Vermont.