Zephyr Ellis

Zephyr Ellis

BandHip HopFunk

We are a hip hop/funk/fusion band that caters to anyone that enjoys having a good time. We have live instruments, and although there is rap, its tasteful, catchy lyrics that everyone can identify with. There is no band like this one, anywhere.


We are a 6 piece band that features a vocalist, lead guitar, bass, synth, drums, and a trumpet. We are often compared to Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Gym Class Hereos, and FloBots. What sets us apart from other bands is how we incorporate other forms of music into our own style. Hailing from the Mississippi Delta, we bend the rules of "traditional" hip hop or blues.


We currently only have 2 songs for distribution of Itunes. They are called "Smoke A Blunt" and "Witch Doctor"

Set List

About 80 minutes of original music