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Zero Armada

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

While there are a lot of rappers in the world, only few do it well. Zero Armada being one of them. He disguises his pain and intelligence with dumbed down lyrics but is venturing off to cross pollinate other Genre's with his creativity.


Brian McDaniel (born July 29th, 1988) better known as Zero Armada, is a rapper, producer, engineer, CEO and Founder of Rebel Society Records. He began his career, at the age of 15, producing beats on the demo of audio production software, Fruity Loops, soon after adding in his own lyrics and recordings. By ZA’s high school graduation in 2007, he released three full-length CD’s: All Inhibitions Gone, Ignorance is Bliss, and Revelations.
After graduating High School, Zero Armada started working on a larger scale, linking up with Killeen locals Sparkdawg and Green City. Things looked up on his first store released CD, Legendary featuring his hit single “Do The Damn Thang” under his record label, Yung Hustle Records. However, things turned sour when Zero Armada was first exposed to harsh reality of the Hip-Hop industry and entertainment business. After the release of Legendary, Zero dropped all official business affiliates and returned to working solo.
Drawing inspiration from rappers such as Kanye West, Chamillionaire, and Nelly, he ventured off onto the mixtape scene, to gain the respect of his peers. His first released mixtape was The Evolution Vol. 1 with guest appearances by Myke Blayze [Production], Syko, Z-Fresh, and Blakio, featured his greatest hit, “Crazy” with an appearance by JVL. His recognition in Killeen soon advanced when he extended access to his studio and craft of producing for other artists. Shortly after the release of The Evolution, Zero releases the mixtape I’m Everywhere Vol. 1 which featured the late Lonestar on the album’s intro track,“Hataz” produced by Kane Beatz. After Lonestar’s passing, Zero decided to retire the mixtape series after its first volume stating, “it was Lone who said “mayne you just everywhere bro”, ZA then stated “… I only felt it right to retire it since I wanted to feature him on every other tape of the series as well.” The demise of his close business associate, Lonestar still affects Zero greatly.
The Evolution Vol. 2 was the following mixtape released to the underground, featuring songs “Fame” with Blakio, and the 2-Much produced (producer for Ice Cream Paint Job) “Everybody Know Me In The Club” with Syko and Z-Fresh. Unfortunately, the mixtape was ill-perceived which drove Zero Armada into a state of “hibernation”. He withdrew his focus in music to focus on his life and personal growth as a man, briefly returning to release the highly inspired mixtape, Useless Knowledge. Yet, sadly Zero Armada lacked the drive in promoting the album and the project never received the following it could have had.
Summer 2011, officially back in the game driven, passionate and backed by the support of his team from his new record label, Rebel Society Records, Zero Armada released his comeback album, The Dark Side hosted by DJ Dacick 1 (da-sick-one) on his 23rd birthday ( July 29, 2011 ), which featured some old and new friends. Currently he is working a concept album entitled Aether, his first nationally digitally distributed LP Conflict of Interest that will be companied by a feature length film, and his first full-length album in nearly 4 years, Zero Armada & Rebel Society Records Present: Welcome To The Rebellion.


They Say

Written By: Brian McDaniel

They say I dress white but my swag so urban

Verse 1
Fresh of the press, my money needs a babysitter
thats new money my old money I'll see you later
got me dressing like them orange county boys
money brand new I think it needs child support
money runs I'm finna go get it
H1N1 I'm so sick with it (UGH!)
I'm the shit when Grenade's on the beat
my flow is the pin take it out and bring the heat
Boom explosions when the song is done
its more like H-bombs annihilate everyone
swag so hood, clothes game suburban
they say I dress white but my swag so urban

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
quick call the bomb squad time is running out
red and blue wires which one are we cutting now?
it don't matter, I'm still about to blow
oooppps I'm the bomb like TNT hoe
flow cold, cooler than 2 below
thats fahrenheit baby no wonder you boys are slow
not screwed, I mean like stupid
you get no love thats cause I killed cupid
oh me, oh my
G4 jets yes I'm fly
lights off, lights on
can't steal my ideas thats cause my minds gone


All Inhibitions Gone (LP) - 2004
Ignorance is Bliss (Album) - 2005
Revelations (Album) - 2006
Love Yet Hate (Single) - 2007
Do The Damn Thang (Single) - 2007
The Evolution (Mixtape) - 2007
Legendary (Album) - 2008
I'm Everywhere (Mixtape) - 2008
Everybody Know Me In The Club (Single) - 2008
The Best Unknown (Mixtape) 2008
The Evolution Vol. 2 (Mixtape) 2008
Useless Knowledge (Mixtape) 2010
They Say (Single) -2010
The Dark Side (Mix-Album) - 2011
Hold It Down (single) -2011
Somewhere I Belong (single) -2011
Aether (Album) 2011 (unreleased)
Conflict of Interest (Album) 2012 (unreleased)

Set List

Ice Cream Paint Job Flow
Vide Game Flow
Make Love In This Room
They Say
Everybody Know Me In The Club
Somewhere I Belong
Hold It Down