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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"TW-INY: Zerobridge"

"At the end of June, we raved about Brooklyn-based band Zerobridge as they were in the studio, rehearsing new songs with Strokes and Ryan Adams mentor JP Bowersock producing and playing guitar. Some of the results of this collaboration can now be heard here, including such propulsive pop songs as “In for a Quick Garden,” “Waiting in the Sun,” and “Run.” “Got a feeling / Can’t deny it / In the city of hills / there are no cheap thrills for sale,” lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din (Din) sings on “In for a Quick Garden,” but there should be plenty of cheap thrills and more on August 23, when Zerobridge will be playing a free show at Rockwood Music Hall at 10:30, preceded by the Kin at 9:30 and followed by Emergency Service at 11:30."
- This Week in New York

"TW-INY: Video of the Day: Zerobridge Rehearsal"

"...ranging from Stonesy swagger to Replacements abandon to jangling guitar rockers and even a dose of gloompop. Led by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mubashir Mohi-ud-Din (Din) and featuring Greg Eckelman on bass, Din’s brother Mohsin (Mo) on drums, and producer JP Bowersock on guitar, the band has been working away on their next EP, Big Songs for Small Spaces, including the tantalizing trio of “Waiting in the Sun,” “Dirty Apple,” and “All Places from Here”; that last song can be seen in the above rehearsal video." - - This Week in New York

"zerobridge - All Places From Here"

My business partner just turned me onto this killer New York City rock band.

Zerobridge melts together a plethora of sounds, vibes, and influences into their music.

"All Places From Here" starts with an old Cranberries feel, but halfway through the song grows into an Arcade Fire crescendo that Win Butler wishes he had written.

Really, really diggin this band and can't wait for their Rockwood gig next Friday. - PUMP Sessions

"VH1's Best Week Ever"

Zerobridge sound pretty cool, particularly for their catchy, Pixies-esque basslines. Yes, that’s an actual compliment, I’m not using my “Automatic Stock Music Blogger Comment Generator” today. - VH1

"My Old Kentucky Blog"

zerobridge oozes potential. Sure, I can nitpick: the intro to the title track is Bowie’s Heroes at 78rpm and there is plenty of room for the band to grow lyrically (hearing the phrase "go straight to hell" twice in the span of five songs is a red flag). No matter, I am seriously digging this EP even before the start of Suffering Moses when our singer proclaims "This is a song about Kashmir!" This simply must become the new "Hello Cleveland!" even if it leaves 99% of the audience wondering why zerobridge is saluting pashmina. Highly recommended even if you don’t think ankles are sexy.

Move-out-of-your-parents'-basement-music-geek-only note: It’s not a common name, so if the liner notes of Havre de Grace are to be believed, This Is My Version features a guest guitarist who has worked with Bowie (and publicly feuded with Stevie Ray Vaughan over who was responsible for the guitar parts on Let's Dance), Lennon and the two Stray Cats who are not Brian Setzer.

zerobridge - The Shake - Same

"MTV Iggy"

Zerobridge takes its name from a bridge in Kashmir, where lead singer Din and his brother Mo (drummer) were born. With Greg on bass, the trio channels the troubled realities of today's global climate with their unpredictable and powerful music. From director Musa Syeed, "Havre de Grace" is the title track off Zerobridge's debut EP. They're playing tonight @ Brooklyn NY Public Assembly / AVAAZ - MTVN

"zerobridge - There We Were, Now Here We Are"

zerobridge's EP includes six tracks reflecting the musical journey the band has been on for the last 4 years - careening between the fury of a politically motivated track like "TWA," a Replacements-esque rocker like "There We Were, Now Here We Are," and a moving ballad like "Venus In Arms" (a fan favorite - included on the EP almost completely because of the fans' insistence). The first single "2mins5" (pronounced two-minutes-five) is a punchy pop-rock gem, rounding up the likes of U2, New Order, The Clash and others and making them all comfortably sit together within the constraints of two minutes and thirty-nine seconds. Completing the song cycle of the EP are "How Long," with its sing-along chorus fans join in on at every show, and "It Is What It Is," the perfect down tempo compliment to wrap up the EP and make you want to start the journey all over again from the beginning.
Click here to listen to "2mins5". - Pop Culture Madness

"Zerobridge CD Review"

The Truth

zerobridge has a unique sound that takes me back to my younger days in the 80's. Their music reminds me of The Cure, and the single ‘There We Were, Now Here We Are’ is a wickedly fun song.

The first single “2mins5” (pronounced two-minutes-five) is a punchy pop-rock gem, rounding up the likes of U2, New Order, The Clash.

Lead singer/guitarist and songwriter Mubashir “Din” Mohi-ud-Din and drummer Mohsin “Mo” Mohi-ud-Din are two brothers whose parents are from the disputed territory of Kashmir.
The CD

“There We Were, Now Here We Are”
01. 2mins5
02. There We Were, Now Here We Are
03. Venus In Arms
04. How Long
05. TWA
06. It Is What It Is
The Band

The name zerobridge comes from an actual bridge in Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar, which earned the lesser known epithet of the “the city of seven bridges.” The story goes that when they built an 8th bridge, no one knew what to call the original first bridge.

The solution is a case of pragmatics taken to the extreme: they decided to name it zerobridge. The bridge itself is a sentimental place for anyone familiar with Kashmir. Just across the bridge, after passing through military checkpoints and barbed wire fences, is a cafe called the Zero Inn; a place where the bothers, family and friends go when reunited in Kashmir to hang out and have “cold coffees” (which are like frapucinos, but far better according to the brothers).

Din explains his feeling behind zerobridge’s independent release of the “There We Were, Now Here We Are” EP: “We’ve been STRICTLY independent for as long as we’ve been together and maybe even more than we would like to be. We’ve accumulated a catalog of songs that no one’s heard outside our regional fan base and have not recorded until now.

It seems that in this digital age for music, what better way for a band like us to establish ourselves and get our music heard the way we want to make it sound than to use the internet as our distribution company. It’s still a challenge. Creating music still takes time and money, but it’s on our terms and while I still think they are necessary, we don’t have to deal with labels – just directly with music fans.”
You’ll Like It If

Looking for a modern take on an edgy period in time? You’ll love Zerobridge.
The Verdict

Great sound, great vocals and vibe. Zerobridge are a promising band looking to breakout this year. Their song ‘There We Were, Now Here We Are’ is featured in the new Oren Moverman directed movie “The Messenger”. - Star Seeker

"zerobridge - "There We Were, Now Here We Are" CD EP Review"

NYC band zerobridge recently released the EP “There We Were, Now Here We Are” which is the band's third release. On this disc, the band wears its 80's alt-rock influences clearly on its sleeve and the band's sound fit well alongside a number of the Steve Lillywhite produced bands from this era (U2, Psychedelic Furs, The Chameleons, etc.). The leadoff song from the new EP, “Montreal Chic”, essentially name-checks Joy Division with the repeated line “dance, dance, dance to the radio” but vocalist Mubashir "Din" Mohi-ud-Din sings in an emotive style which falls closer to Mike Peters (The Alarm) or Bono than Ian Curtis.

Musically, "There We Were, Now Here We Are" features prominent pulsing bass lines, ringing U2/Church-style guitars and an an atmospheric production that has an underlying sense of melancholiness. While bands like U2, Joy Division/New Order, The Clash, The Replacements, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Beatles, the Stones and David Bowie are cited as major influences, Din also cites South Asian music like The Sabri Bros and Hindi film composers like RD Burman, A.R. Rahman, and Nadeem Sharavan as inspirations.

zerobridge has had a strong year thus far with a sold-out homecoming show at Brooklyn Academy of Music and an American Embassy sponsored tour of Morocco. One representative from the embassy said, “It was like the Beatles had just come to Morocco!” The band also had the song "Havre de Grace" (from the 2007 “Havre de Grace” EP) featured in the motion picture, "The Messenger," starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton and Jena Malone. Most recently, the band performed at the NYC restaurant/club At Vermillion for an MTV party. A live version of "Suffering Moses" from this performance is below. - Brooklyn Rocks


EP: "zerobridge (the basement tapes)", 2004
EP: "Havre de Grace", Sep. 18th, 2007
EP: "There We Were, Now Here We Are", Nov. 17th, 2009
LP- Untitled, produced by JP Bowersock, TBA



With their music most recently spotted in the hit independent film ‘Amira and Sam’ (Martin Starr) zerobridge are now set to self-release their new LP entitled Big Songs for Small Spaces on August 21st.

The band is made up of brothers Mubashir (‘Din’) Mohi-ud-Din - lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter - and drummer Mohsin (‘Moh’) Mohi-ud-Din, who trace their lineage back to the disputed territory of Kashmir nestled in the Himalayan region of South Asia. Bassist Greg Eckelman and lead guitarist/producer JP Bowersock (The Strokes, Julian Casablancas, Ryan Adams) round out the four-piece unit.

zerobridge has been a main staple to the NYC live music scene for the past ten years and because of their dedicated following here and worldwide the band has even been invited to bring their unique sound to some of the most unexpected and remote regions of the world including Morocco, Malaysia, and war torn Kashmir. Now the quartet is home to release, and play live, Big Songs for Small Spaces to their New York fanbase and beyond.

The new album was born when a chance meeting on the streets of the Lower East Side brought veteran producer Bowersock into the group. Big Songs for Small Spaces was written and recorded together in a tiny studio in NYC’s Chinatown over the last 4 years on virtually no budget, with JP producing and playing lead guitar.

So now the stage is set for zerobridge, with 3 independent releases behind them and their music featured in notable independent films ‘The Messenger’ (Oren Moverman, Woody Harrelson) and the aforementioned ‘Amira and Sam’ (Martin Starr), to self-release their new LP entitled Big Songs for Small Spaces on August 21st, 2015.

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