zerochance writes and performs their own very familiar, yet definitively unique style of postmodern pop-rock music. Their songwriting is sophisticated, their sound is current and each song will leave you humming their tune.


Earlier in their career, zerochance held the #6 slot for 3 weeks running on USA Network's music television show FarmClub and were a featured act on's tour, which visited over 50 cities nationwide.

Recently Zero Chance was featured on the nationally syndicated "Imus In The Morning" radio and television program and received both air time and acclaim.

On the heels of their new 2006 release “Better Days for Broken Hearts” (out in June ’06), Zero Chance has landed the headlining slot on the Tire Kingdom main stage for Florida’s SunFest 2006 (expected 300,000 in attendance) after other performances by international artists including: Ashlee Simpson, Train, Jason Mraz, Fiona Apple and Teddy Geiger.

Other major tour-support credits with artists including: Sheryl Crow, the Calling, O-Town, Michelle Branch, Stroke 9 and Uncle Kracker.


Burn My Radio

Written By: Erick Bellitto

I'm so eager to get through this
and meet you somewhere that I can stand
I'm getting closer by holding back,
forgetting motion and the motives i had packed

the difference here is deafening and its starting to extend
to my words and everything I had planned

Burn my radio
I'm tired lost in stereo and on fire
everything I want is wrong

I hope you wonder I hope you dont accept
the size of oceans and the scenes I have sent
Im still waiting for my mind to change
to win me over and cover up my age

Burn my radio
I'm tired lost in stereo and on fire
everything I want is wrong

is this what you will blame it on


"Better Days For Broken Hearts" LP- Released June 6, 2006.

Set List

zerochance usually plays one 75 minute set. Their repertoire consists of all original music. zerochance can play two 45 minute sets as well.