High energy and hard driven guitars, memorable hooks and melodies, rock solid rythym section, heart-felt vocals - Zerocreep has it all! This powerful commercial rock band is ready to show the world what many have referred to as the next big thing in rock music. See our music video Fallen.


ZEROCREEP - comprised of vocalist Renato Sampaio, guitarist Mark Licata, bassist Ryan Osgood and drummer Dave Budbill - the Tampa-based rock band formed in December of 2004 and immediately created material that proved their chemistry undeniable.
Intense live perfomances grabbed the attention of the Florida music scene, steadily building a huge fan base as ZEROCREEP became known as one of the hottest unsigned acts in the country.

The bands propulsive sound reflects the great rock bands of today. ZEROCREEP has shared the stage with major acts such as Disturbed, Powerman 5000 and Authority Zero and have held their own on every occassion.

Released in September 2005, their eponymous first EP received critical recognition for being among the superior and dynamic sounds of today. ZEROCREEP is currently recording their debut full-length CD, ready to prove why they have been referred by many as the next big thing in rock music.


ZEROCREEP have Demo recordings currently being used for promotions and a Video for the latest track available at

Set List

All originals....
10 Songs for a long set and 7 for a short set

1. Embrace
2. Break Me
3. Inside
4. New Day
5. Faded
6. Indestructable
7. Sick
8. Miles Away
9. Ready 4 More
10. My Own