BandHip HopPop

I am an experimental rapper who often delves in singing ( haha! ). was born with a musical gift, but I am not cocky or conceited when it comes to my music. Almost everything is hip-hop, but I also play some ass guitar outside the "Zero-D" project!


Ever since I was a kid, I was into music. It has always been my passion, wether remixing favorite songs or the like, ever since I was about eight yars old I was alwas doing something. I got into rap at around 14, when i also stared up playing bass guitar. I am influenced by everything but mostly other artists who are unsigned, just doing their own thing.


Recent discog includes

"Devils Eyes ( full length 2009 )"

and coming out in 2010 is a new album "Tornadoflows"

Set List

My typical set lst consists of these songs in no particular order:

Lyrical Violence
Crank That Bomberman
Super Mario Madness
Weapon of Voice

other songs get included as well.