Zero Defekts

Zero Defekts


We are kinda loud, fast and in your face. We really don't try to write songs to come out sounding like any type of genre, the songs just come out as they are. It's what's going on in our souls at the time of conception. We aren't telling a story, we are expressing a feeling.


Chicago-based band ZERO DEFEKTS boast a one-of-a-kind sound incorporating the various member's musical influences but aping none of them. The group combines Blue Cheer-based brute force with Smithereens-style songcraft along with a Cream-influence jam aesthetic. Yet,the band emerges with its own individuality intact.
Professing an aversion to the digital,overprocessed sounds that sustain many current bands, the group takes a back-to-basics approach incorporating organic sonics and riveting rhythms.


We have a Cd out now called "Love Is Hell", tracks are on for listening, and at about 50 digital domains for download.

Set List

our sets is usually 45 minutes long, all original

Could Have been together
Make You mine
Stay Away
The Evils back
I'd Rather Be Alone
Running From Me
To Be with You
I Wanna be Your friend
Are We thru