Zeroed Out is a female fronted rock band that could be classified as a few genres of music. Zeroed Out brings heavy choruses, melodic verses, and high energy. A very diverse band you don't want to miss. Go to for more information.


Zeroed Out is a band formed in Tulsa, OK. There are currently five members: Nicole, Jay, Josh, Thomas, and Tony. Most of the members met years ago while playing in different bands. A few of the current members got together about 3 years ago and decided to start working on a new project named 'Picture Perfect'. After playing as Picture Perfect for a couple of years, a couple of original members had to leave the band. Shortly after that they brought in Jay on drums, and most recently, Nicole, on vocals. With their current line up, they decided the music sounded a bit different than before, and with 2 of the 5 members being new, they changed their name to Zeroed Out.

Zeroed Out has opened for several national acts. Including: Hit the Lights, Krash Karma, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, and Psychothermia to name a few. They've played the Oklahoma State Fair, Edge Homegrown Tornado Benefit show, chosen to compete in local radio station battle of the bands shows, and have been a part of other benefit shows. They can be seen regularly in Tulsa at local clubs and venues.


Zeroed Out (singles):
- Haunted
- Pit Fiend

Set List

(What our average set list will consist of)
Eleventh Hour
Rise and Fall
{Cover song. Depending on venue}
So Says
New Kind of Mean
Seeings Deceiving
Lost and Unfound
(Cover song. Depending on venue}
Pit Fiend
Message Sent