Taking the vibe of an eighties cock rock band,while infusing mordern metal elements,Zeroking brings the party back to rock!! Complete with arena type stage shows meant to involve the audience as part of the show, a Zeroking performance will leave a lasting memory on everyone who witnesses it.


The Life And Times Of ZEROKING! A band's bio is usually written in such a way as to lure the reader into saying to themselves "My god, this artist is the biggest undiscovered talent of our time!". A calculated delusion that rarely happens! In fact, a poorly written bio just adds to the general apathy that surrounds the industry like a thin layer of latex!(Safe but uncomfortable and with no real sensation!) ZEROKING IS NOT GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE BANDS!!!!!!! We are not going to try and make you believe that our thunderous drums, pounding bass and a virtuoso guitarist spell "SUCkCESS"!!! Especially in the midst of Five Zillion other bands. In fact, individually we are just slightly above average. Why would we tell you this? It's the truth!!! We know, we know, calm down! BREATHE! It's going to be alright. IT'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT! (Honesty in this business? Holy Shit!!) As a collective, we have always been more concerned with our songwriting. Songwriting, that has been honed over time and continues to improve with every passing rehearsel and performance.(Okay, so we are going to build ourselves up a little!) Without great songs though, who fuckin cares? Right? The ride began when our guitarist Shane Day and Drummer Chris Webb found themselves left to their own devices. After a gradual breakdown of their former band they decided to start their dream band. A band that would fuse modern metal with tinges of music they loved in their youth. They jammed for a full year before the addition of a former bassist (who was replaced in Oct. '06 by J.P. Boggs) and vocalist Andy Haught. This lineup completed several songs in four months and did our first show in January of 2005. At the close of our first year togeather ZEROKING had played 50 shows in our hometown of Huntington, W.V. and the surrounding areas. Received weekly airplay on X106.3(our local Clear Channel affiliate), numerous other markets in Kentucky and Ohio and several internet radio stations. Our merchandise sells consistently. Our Myspace site has gathered nearly 5000 "Friends" (members) who stay updated online. Our local shows have seen us performing initially to a handful of people to the 300 crazy bastards we play for at every appearence! 2006 proved to be a banner year for Zeroking!!! We have continued to push ahead, adding staging and pyrotechnics to an already exciting stage show. Hitting markets outside our area that previously were out of reach, just on word of mouth. Acquiring endorsements from several companies locally and nationally. Taking over playlists on still more commercial and internet radio stations. Co-headling the Loud and Local second stage at X106.3's "X-FEST" this past Sept. Accepting a personal invitation to play The Bear's (Parkersburg, WV.'s modern rock station!) annual "Party Like A Rockstar" event! Being offered a booking contract from Transfusion Entertainment that promotes bands throughout the midwest. Opening for every major national act that passes through town. (Staind, Soil, Nonpoint, Three Days Grace, etc.) And most importantly, 2006 saw the release of our first E.P. "The Sweet Sale of Excess"! ZEROKING roots its sound in contradictions. Could a heavy band be rock without losing it's intensity? Yes!!! Could we have commercial appeal without writing depressed, whiny and/or my girfriends a cunt style garbage? Fuckin A' Cotton, F.N.A!!! Rock and metal music is suppossed to be edgy and dark. We try to write the best songs we can about the subjects that matter to rock and metal fans the most: SEX, DRUGS, STRIPPERS PORNO, POLITICS, COCAINE and THE END OF THE WORLD!!! If there is any questions about our dedication to this premise, come see a show! We love performing and genuinely like what we do! We will continue to destroy every town we go to! We will win over every crowd we get in front of. And we will drink, fuck and smoke until we run out of BOOZE, GROUPIES, and DOPE!!! Fuck em' all, ZEROKING


The Sweet Sale of Excess (EP) 2006
Soon to be released full length coming 2007