ZeroPIng derives its name from the gamers term for fast response time between players in an online game. Here, it is about straight talk and direct action. The music fuses traditions of Electronica, sound art, art and pop song. Spoken word and visuals fill out the performers show .


Konrad Kinard is originally from Texas. He cut his teeth in New York performing with various art rockers including Rhys Chatham, David Linton, and his band, Slash Orchestra (with James Lo of Chavez/Live Skull).
Since then he has moved to Berlin where he opened and closed the legendary underground music club "Sexiland". Nine years in London, he performs and writes for his new project ZeroPing and with Woodentops frontman. Rolo McGinty. He has additionally presented large events including Bitsplitters , a media performance taking place in Hackney with 14 sonic and visual artists over one night.
Now Konrad has returned to Berlin since January 2008.

Chun Lee is from Taiwan and will one day have to return to serve in the military. Till then he is busy perfroming and programming for projects throughout Europe and Asia . He champions open source software development and works exclusively with software developed through his own efforts. He also plays a great violin and is classically trained in Saw.


Debut LP
ZeroPIng "MAST ERSO FWAR", Incinerate Media 2004

Compliation "Tribute to John Peel No. 5"
Video "Assasination Postacrd" Incinerate Media
Video "Bitsplitters- Opus 1

Set List

Our set is partially set with songs and partially improvised with sound and visual images. The set will last about 40 minutes but can be extended and reduced at will depending on the venue's needs.