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The best kept secret in music


"Braille Review (Metal to Infinity)"

Bassist / vocalist McNizzle, guitar player Spechalist, second guitarist / singer Rawb and drum smasher Jizzle hailing us all from Toronto, Canada! They were formed in the fall of 2001 and created a strong name in the underground scene since the release of a first EP "The Quick Three", recorded under the leading eye of Dan Turcotte. Zeroscape was growing stronger and stronger each day and that makes 'em to what they are nowadays...a band with a personal, original sound. They worked for a long time with producer Sean Munnavich, the main man behind Zeroscape's next two EP's called "Nuclear Baby (2002)" and "The Cowards Never Started (2003)". It was in September 2004, the guys decided to release its first full length album baptized under the name "Braille" in collaboration with his previous producer Dan Turcotte. The new album shows the strength they've build up through many years of hard working. They really build up a very special type of music. It's not my favourite style of music but i can tell ya'll that the four members are strongly talented musicians. They brings us a form of courageous Rock music, played with an alternative but pretty aggressive spirit. It was some kinda strange to me while hearing the CD for the first time, it really was. I was waiting for a Metal blast but what i get in return was a mixture of different styles such as Rock / Metal / Reggae and even Soul music. I had a very strange feeling inside, but let me be straight...the guys delivers a great album. I don't wanna be a stupid hypocrite and criticize the band's style, no i won't! This is a unique form of music so if you're into it, good for you. Otherwise, don't complain and try something else. There are ten original / unique Rock songs with a very good sound available on the CD, let that be clear for sure. I could not enjoyed the entire album but make up ur minds by yourselfs and found out more about the band via: MY POINTS: 78 / 100 - Metal To Infinity

"TCNS Review (Urotsukidoji)"

Zeroscape is yet another interesting band from my stomping grounds of Toronto Canada. The band is made up by; vocals - Rob McLeod, guitar - Steven Nurse and Eddy Ront, bass - Chris Gillespie, and drums - Jean-Jacques Tartaglia. They have been together since 2001, and since December of that year, have been tearing it up live on the T.O. scene. The band's sound is quite varied, but by the band's own description, "the music is alive with many different musical influences including but not limited to reggae, alternative rock, hip hop, and metal", you know this is going to be lumped under the Nu-Metal tag. However, calling these four songs simply Nu-Metal is a bit unfair, Zeroscape are a lot more interesting, and maybe even more Progressive than your average Linkin Park wanna be. I guess you could call this "Thinking Man's Nu-Metal"... oh the terms we can come up with eh? The vocals range from clean, to harsh, to Hardcore-ish shouts, to "ragga chanting". For an independent, DIY style E.P., the sound is super tight. We have great guitar tones, and a thick bottom end, these guys obviously know what they're doing. These dudes have the sound and the image that can make it big these days. Give these guys a slick looking video, and a strong PR firm, and they'll be a household name before you can say "Papa Roach" or "Evanescence". Ozzfest here we come! This little ol' sub genre is taking a lot of flack lately, but these guys just do it too well for anyone to complain about it. For more info on the band, they hang out at
RATING = 7.5 Nu-Metal (Released 2003)

- Jeff from Urotsukidoji's Pad

"Braille Review (BW&BK)"

This is slick! From top-notch artwork to professional production, Zeroscape has jumped leaps and bounds above last year's four song EP. The band downsized to a quartet with vocalist Rawb now also handling guitars alongside Speshalizt. The first single, 'Uncle Bush Wants You' begins with Tool-like eccentricities, giving way to a Jamaican-style rap, followed by reggae grooves with a rock backbeat while warm, lush textures penetrate the building frenzy. Zeroscape has tapped into the key ingredient almost every indie band is without - an original, unique sound. Widespread appeal is undeniable as Zeroscape melt preexisting genres down even further than Sepultura, Soulfly, Rage Against The Machine or Audioslave did.....9/10 - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

"CD Release Party Review"

Zeroscape CD Launch - September 11th, 2004

Zeroscape fans were thrilled at the much-anticipated arrival of their latest CD, “Braille”, released at Toronto’s Club Rockit on September 11th. Zeroscape played a phenomenal set for their fans that patiently waited for the 4 kickin’ preceding bands to play.
Zeroscape have the energy on stage like a band on tour together for years, even though the group has been officially completed for only two fresh years. Their incredible energy is backed up with wicked tunes, emanating a sound that is not easily described. A mélange of rap, rock, reggae, metal, Zeroscape is definitely a band with the talent to inspire and leave a lasting impression.
The very production of “Braille” is professional, sporting a jacket with subtle but punchy photos and layers of effects; the CD itself has an impression of sexy lips on it…a personal favorite! The lyrics are potent and superbly written, commanding strong emotions and reactions from the crowd, and Zeroscape themselves. The sound quality on the album definitely does do Zeroscape justice, but witnessing a live performance will make you love the CD even more, as you can still feel Zeroscape with all their powerful energy as though still live.

Check out Zeroscape at HYPERLINK "" for info, pics, and to grab a copy of “Braille”.
- Jennifer Lariviere - Montreal Music Scene

"Zeroscape pull off a tour de force"

It's not often that you hear of a Ryedale band supporting a foreign act. In fact, with the exception of Austria's `Pink As A Panther' who visited Kirkbymoorside last year, I can't remember it happening, which is why the gig at Certificate 18 in York was such a good night for Unapproved and Hedcage, who had the honour of supporting Canada's very own ZEROSCAPE.

At times you find that touring bands are perhaps taking on the role of pre-Madonnas, and really don't deliver the standard that the audience, and perhaps even the band themselves, expect.

But let's be serious, if you are going to travel all the way from Canada to tour Europe for six months in a top notch camper van, complete with music, beer and even a football, you've got to have something worth listening to.

Hailing from Toronto, Zeroscape produce a unique mix of metal, melodic rock and reggae delivered with feelings and amazing stage presence.

With the backing of their CD titled `Braille', Zeroscape have been ripping up venues all over the UK, and are due to hit countries around Europe in the months to come.

It's rare to hear something fresh nowadays, because everything is claimed to be a rip-off of something else.

However, Zeroscape have really created something new.

You can, of course, pick out their influences when listening to the Braille CD or by listening to Zeroscape live, but I am pretty confident that Zeroscape's influences have never been mixed like this before.

Lead vocalist Rob has the cleanest voice in rock, and seems to be able to lay out melodic vocals effortlessly, but metal wouldn't be metal without the odd bit of screaming (which Rob achieves with ease).

The great thing about Zeroscape is that they are all great individual musicians who want to make it as a band.

This drive is really evident with the stage presence and tightness that each member of Zeroscape possesses, which is only made more impressive by the politeness of all of the band, who stayed behind after the show to sign CDs, talk to anyone who wanted to chat, and just general encouraged Hedcage and Unapproved.

Zeroscape will be back in York for the Y ROCK FESTIVAL later this year, and I strongly suggest you check them out whilst it's still only a couple of pounds to see them!

The show was opened by Unapproved with their new, heavier, faster and more aggressive sound. Unapproved pulled off a solid set to a small yet hugely enthusiastic crowd. This was perhaps not the best set Unapproved have played but it was a good run out, and all the members of the band thoroughly enjoyed it.

`Vanity...' and `Your Verdict' were the highlights of this 30-minute blast, and it was nice to see Unapproved and Hedcage appear at the same gig, as it has been quite a while since this last happened.

Hedcage played their usual high quality set, with front man Sam Gilderdale approaching every song with aggression and power.

This show only went towards solidifying Hedcage's reputation for being a tight, well rehearsed band who can really deliver a great live show, which can only be a good thing ahead of their EP launch gig at Certificate 18 on Friday, April 29. `Supermega' was the highlight of the Hedcage set.

Finally, the moment we'd all be waiting for, Zeroscape!

Everybody in the venue was on their feet and predominantly stood right in front of the stage for the whole of the Zeroscape set, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

I believe Zeroscape's lead vocalist Rob put it best when he said: "There's not many people in here, but you're making it seem like they're thousands.''

It was really that kind of a night where everything went smoothly (with the exception of Zeroscape guitarist Eddy's guitar dying half way through their set).

Everyone was relaxed, and the audience and bands were there simply to have a good time.

Armed with bodies full of beer, or "playing full" as Eddy affectionately referred to it, Zeroscape played an amazing set that lifting everyone to their feet.

I think that the highlight to the Zeroscape set was surely the song "Shhh".

This was a great night for everyone involved, and I stress, CHECK ZEROSCAPE OUT!
- by Sam Meegan "The Rydale Post"

"Zeroscape @ Scruffy Murphy's"

Bringing things to a more impressive level, it's Canada's Zeroscape who finally kick off the night. With their frenzied mix of rock, ska, metal, reggae and, hell, even some Britskank (TM), they engender a sound that's hard to pin down. If Maxi Jazz was in a heavy band, they'd probably sound like this. Pulvarising any innocence we may have once had, tonight the crowd is whipped up by the creeping 'Shhh', and left gagging for more after the head rush of the aggressive 'Uncle Bush Wants You'. You may get your kicks from DFA79, but if you like a bit of substance to your music, Zeroscape's your band.
- by Karis (

"ZEROSCAPE @ The Jive Room"

Lucky for Zeroscape they played on a night full of people; although the flock do start nesting later on as the bands never seem to start ‘til about 10pm these days, so the graveyard shift does live up to its name. Unlike other bands who do this ‘headline – no punters’ slot Zeroscape were good enough, cool enough and punk enough to keep a good proportion of people present to their 12.35am finish.
It’s not often a Canadian band passes through town and a six month tour of Europe must take some doing, and doing it in style seems to be the Zeroscape code. When asked what they did on their day off yesterday, ‘We got stoned,’ came the reply.
Promoting their new album ‘Braille’ this crazed punk-ska-noize-spunk band let you know from the word ‘Go’ that they were going to assault your senses with power chords, ska chops, screamin’ and yelling. After two songs off came the shirts, and the toned black and sweaty torso of singer/guitarist Rob had the female fraternity clicking their cameras at as frantic a pace as the music. Crazed goatee mohican wearing guitarist Eddy did not lapse for a minute with wild faces to match his wild playing, while Jizzle and McNizzle provided a relentless back line. Hand it to this band, they turned up in the UK with a handful of dates to play and organised more gigs as they got to know people. I do believe Zeroscape are playing at Offa’s Tavern in Prestatyn on the 23rd – if missed them this time, go and see them. Of you saw them this time, go and see them again. -

"Zeroscape UK tour"

Canadian band Zeroscape's current and first UK tour is somewhat out of the ordinary.

Canada's not an easy place to be a band, especially when you want to tour. It's too big, the drive between venues takes too long, it's quite simply a daunting prospect.

Zeroscape's answer? They've sold all their equipment, quit their jobs and come over to Britain on a six month visa in order to tour their arses off until the visa runs out and they get kicked out of the country. Living solely on what merchandise they can sell and sleeping in the back of a hired van, their dedication to the cause alone would make them more worthy than most of your attention. When you take into account the fact that their intense, melodic and driven rock/reggae/metal/hip hop live show is a genre-defying cut above the norm, seeing them on their absurdly comprehensive - and frankly daft tour - becomes a must-do.
- Drowned in sounds

"Braille Review (Urotsukidoji)"

Just a year after their excellent EP, "The Cowards Never Started", Toronto's eclectic band of funky metal-heads known as Zeroscape are back with their first ever full-length! The band's sound has not changed too much since we last heard from them, but if anything, it's even more varied than before. Vocals range from fast rapping, to harsh singing, to clean, not squeaky clean, but clean. The music itself ranges from emotional mellow moments to all out head-bangin' ferocity! To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the bands that came to mind while I was listening; Deftones, Mind Over Four, Coal Chamber, Tool, and Bad Brains. Now how's that for a bizarre mix? Last year I called the band "Thinking Mans Nu-Metal", and I think this tag fits even more now. On the first spin of the disc, you'll just be impressed with the complexity, and scope of the material. It won't be until subsequent spins that you'll be able to really let it all start to sink in. This some how takes me back to the early days of the fusion of Rap and Metal, before it became so commonplace and ultimately a cliche. These guys have some serious talent, and with such a unique mix of sounds, they have the goods to propel themselves out of the underground.
RATING = 8 Nu-Metal (Released 2004)

- Jeff from Urotsukidoji's Pad

"Braille Review (Beowolf)"

Emerging from Toronto Canada comes this heavy aggressive Rock band. These guys toss in lots of different styles into the mix to create their style & sound. The music is heavy Rock based with lots of Metal, Thrash, Hip-Hop, Reggae & Soul combined into one style. It sounds like a weird combonation, but some how they do it & do it well! There are some really cool changes & grooves in their songs. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Metal style that sways back & forth from harsh aggressiveniss to melodicness. Another band with a lot of variety & talent!!! - Beowolf Productions


ZEROSCAPE - BRAILLE (Full Length Album) - 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


All the music in the world, from all the places in the world, from all the faces in the world...
ZEROSCAPE was formed in 2001 when four guys with diverse lives came together in Toronto to create original heavy music. The band is founded on the principle that there are no limits to be set and none to be accepted. The music is intense, melodic, infectious, driven, and alive with many different musical influences including but not limited to reggae, alternative rock, hip hop, and metal.

Vocalist Rob McLeod has a unique style which ranges from hardcore lyrics and ragga chanting to ambient singing and everywhere in between. Drawing from direct experience of the hard realities in life and the current attrocities being comitted in the world, Rob expresses his feelings and vents his emotions through his lyrics. The two guitarists, Rob McLeod and Eddy Ront, provide a hard edge to the music by complementing each others parts to create heavy stereo rhythms and colourfully textured leads. The rhythm section of Chris Gillespie on bass and Jean-Jaques Tartaglia on drums, lay down the foundation of ZEROSCAPE with rumbling low end and punishing beats that lock together with the guitars and vocals to create one cohesive unit of strength.

ZEROSCAPE have just released their new full length album, entitled BRAILLE, whcih is now available in stores accross the country. The BRAILLE TOUR 2004 began in Nov. 2004 and took the band across the eastern coast of Canada. It was then that they realized that home is on the road and began planning the BRAILLE EUROPEAN TOUR. They sold all their gear in order to hire a bus, equiptment and buy plane tickets. They arrived in the UK on March 2nd 2005, and began their journey, playing 39 shows in 59 days and living out of a small van, shows the dedication to their music and the lifestyle of rockin roll. In May/June 2005 the band will travel to Germany, France and many other areas of Europe to continue spreading their music, only to return back to the UK for another demanding tour schudule of July/August...