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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Zero Spanish at Pianos"

Zero Spanish is a new band. With precision drumming and bass and keys that seem to be constantly pushing forward, it’s all a very rhythmic affair that easily gets your foot tapping and your head bopping. Their first show was at Europa in December and they played their second show this past Friday at Pianos. Here are some photos from the latter, with more available on Flickr: - Stereoactivenyc

"Private Income"

Rhythmic trio Private Income (formerly Zero Spanish) take their indie-rock lineup to a place less precious and more authoritative, weaving energy and rawness into the members’ structured playing. Kelly Rae Kerwin makes the keyboard do her bidding as she alternates between sweet church organ, pounding assaults, and swirling scales, bringing classical training to the level of rock. Her vocals are feathery and girlish, not unlike the layered ladies of Au Revoir Simone, but are delivered with an emotive and tone-bending power that betrays her sweetness and sounds more like Nico. “Good Buddies” starts as a dark waltz and builds into an ominous space invaders march, with Kerwin’s robotic monotone blended to sound both terrifying and angelic. Deron Pulley’s Pixies bass on “Souvenir” teases between ballpark organ while Jeff Gretz’s drums insert awesome fills throughout. Private Income’s tempos are driving, and their songs tend to pound forward in some sort of dark unison, with moods dark and eyes forward – but they also know how to jam. “The Rider” flows with glistening keyboard and jumpy bass for a bit, and then turns into a jazzy, open exploration of those instruments’ highs and lows. Through their tunes, these guys have a distinct mood, as if they’re not to be messed with, making their gutsy pop demand attention. -


self titled EP



"Private Income, formerly Zero Spanish, emerged from Brooklyn, NY in 2007 as the brainchild of keyboardist/vocalist Kelly Rae Kerwin. Kelly's dynamic songwriting and beautiful melodies would eventually be complimented by the aggressive bass lines of Deron Pulley. The duo teamed up with various drummers until they solidified with the addition of extraordinary percussionist, Dan DeCriscio. After a tearful, geographically caused departure, the line up currently has the hard hitting intensity of Jeff Gretz on drums. With a highly praised self-released EP generating buzz in the local scene, the group went on to perform countless well attended NYC shows. With these accomplishments, the band is set out to be a household name within due time. Private Income's eclectic sound is progressive and is certainly due to become an undeniable appeal once they are witnessed by the greater masses." - Chris Enriquez/The Delancey