Private Income

Private Income


Aggressively beautiful melodies mixed with surreal lyrics


"Private Income, formerly Zero Spanish, emerged from Brooklyn, NY in 2007 as the brainchild of keyboardist/vocalist Kelly Rae Kerwin. Kelly's dynamic songwriting and beautiful melodies would eventually be complimented by the aggressive bass lines of Deron Pulley. The duo teamed up with various drummers until they solidified with the addition of extraordinary percussionist, Dan DeCriscio. After a tearful, geographically caused departure, the line up currently has the hard hitting intensity of Jeff Gretz on drums. With a highly praised self-released EP generating buzz in the local scene, the group went on to perform countless well attended NYC shows. With these accomplishments, the band is set out to be a household name within due time. Private Income's eclectic sound is progressive and is certainly due to become an undeniable appeal once they are witnessed by the greater masses." - Chris Enriquez/The Delancey


Good Buddies

Written By: Kelly Rae Kerwin

I'm sure I'm always in quotation marks when brought up
Your collected individual taste is impeccable
No need to throw her under my microscope just yet
Stop making that awful sound,
I know it's you from here.
Yes, it's clear
You are here

You charged over like a wrecking ball
and you meant business
Flailing arms and wobbly legs,
My friends looked on in suspense.
I put away my bells and whistles,
clicked my heels 3 times
No such luck
I'm a sitting duck
Just me and my good friend.
You and me
Good Buddies

You are a certain phenomena
You are a certain phenomena
Take these pills
and tell me where you go
Jot down ideas,
Report back in code.

I made my voice casual for the last time and took a seat
You stood quiet as death as I fell
under flood water
Your toes turned in
Your mouth stiffened
As you attached the rope
To my nerves
So when the surge comes
My voice won't be heard
I won't say

The Rider

Written By: Kelly Rae Kerwin

I was cul-da-sacked
Into believing
That there just might
Be some meaning
Make room
For The Rider
Who washes
Those rings off

I would have done it all
For that call
But my tongue froze
To the pole
I wasn't going anywhere
Furthered dramatized
By your creepy fingers
Pants are too tight

Babies make trouble for us all
Those stupid babies

Don't wake up Baby
He's kinda crazy
Remind him that you know me
When he's misbehaving

It never occurred to me
That I could hate you
That that was the sensible thing to do
I'm not proud
Nor am I ashamed
It was beautiful
Potential to maim

I On U

Written By: Kelly Rae Kerwin

"It's a good word," he says
"It sounds right."
A flamboyant shape
Tucked in nice and tight
Fixed to a door knob
Crossed T, dotted i
In a house where
O's ruled with a great might

"What are you afraid of,"
He asked twice
Perched on top of a pile
Of loud sighs
Clenched teeth will brake with enough time
Letters won't form
They won't sound right

You seem very proud of yourself
You are showing such self-discipline
You deserve a genuine pat on the back
You are doing exactly what you are suppose to do.

Just remember,
Death's a state of mind
Like mother
I've got my I on U

You dare
Go there
"I won't be caught dead anywhere."
"I've been so busy crossing T's."
It's universal
Lesson tried and true
Love's crusader
Fight's always true

Blood is Life
Life's a state of Mind

Blood is Life
Life's a state of Mind
Oh you

"It's a good word," he says
"It sounds right."
A dog eat dog shape
Packs quite the bite
Tied to a door knob
Crossed T, oh my


Written By: Kelly Rae Kerwin

There's an iron on somewhere
Plugged in and on
Waiting to burn
Waiting to burn

There's a dog running this way
He'll trip the wire
The house is coming down
The house is coming down

There's a cat and she is black
Waits to cross your path
Her purpose is so clear
Her purpose is so clear

You caught a falling knife
Was worth it at the time
The wound begins to scar
This is who you are

The Front Room

Written By: Kelly Rae Kerwin

That was no place for me
My little heart couldn't take it
The physical struggle
to keep my voice down low
So only the true low lifes
had any idea
Of what was going on

Some things you just naturally want to keep to yourself

My blood ran white waiting
for the good to come

Some things you just naturally want to
keep to yourself


self titled EP

Set List

The Rider, Atlanta, Good Buddies, Sweetheart, The Front Room, Rest My Case, Souvenir, I On U, Pearl.
40 minutes in length