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Orlando, Florida, United States

Orlando, Florida, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sushi, Superbly"

The party began with a performance the restaurant's little garden. ZERO mixes traditional taiko (drumming) with synthesized sound and stunning dance by...Atsumi...who weaves drumming into her movement. One arm turned like a windmill, striking the drum with each revolution, while her other arm passed under the windmill to strike another drum. The precision was exacting, while the music was so energetic I could feel the brick walls reverberating. - Elissa Karg, Metrotimes Detroit

"Jack Morton Worldwide"

I am thrilled to report that ZEROtaiko was a hit! I also had an excellent experience on-site. Atsumi and the group were very professional and easy to work with. When all the elements came together in the first rehearsal, I knew the performance was going to be great. And when it was showtime, their energy and spirit only increased. Our clients were blown away with the opening. I always sneak into the foyer and listen to the audience at the end of the show. Even 2 hours later, the audience was still buzzing about how cool the opening was. - Nancy Orbin


ZEROtaiko "Impulse"
ZEROtaiko "A Live Compilation"



ZEROtaiko has taken the roots of traditional Japanese drumming and added a contemporary worldbeat flare. Through unique instrumentation, elements, and costuming, audience members, no matter age, race or musical genre preference, will be drawn to this powerful experience. Often compared to Cirque Du Soleil, ZERO's focus is to touch and inspire people through the harmony and vibration of music and art.