Orlando, Florida, USA

ZEROtaiko is a contemporary worldbeat fusion ensemble with powerful visuals that coincide with original music. Vibration and Harmony, Sound and Vision, these are the catalysts which leap from ZEROtaiko, spirit to spirit, turning the ordinary into extraordinary musical experience.


ZEROtaiko has taken the roots of traditional Japanese drumming and added a contemporary worldbeat flare. Through unique instrumentation, elements, and costuming, audience members, no matter age, race or musical genre preference, will be drawn to this powerful experience. Often compared to Cirque Du Soleil, ZERO's focus is to touch and inspire people through the harmony and vibration of music and art.


ZEROtaiko "Impulse"
ZEROtaiko "A Live Compilation"

Set List

With the ability to conform in size per venue, ZEROtaiko can perform as a 4, 5, 6, or 8 piece ensemble.

Sets range from:
*5-10 minute meeting openers/closers for corporate events
*20-45 minute festival sets
*60-90 minute concert performances