Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Zerotheist is Oklahoma City's premier metal band; combining power and attitude into an immense, hammering sound of pulverizing groove metal.


ZEROTHEIST's sound can be described as a diverse mix of Pantera's aggression and groove merged with the sludge of Crowbar, and the energy of Hatebreed, although the band prefers that the listener be the true judge. The band invokes the spirit of old school heavy metal and combines it with modern influences to create a cutting-edge sound reminiscent of past metal giants. Thought-provoking lyrics melded with earth-quaking bass, massive guitars and pummeling drums - the sonic attack this quartet creates is a blend that satisfies everyone from the casual fan to die-hard metal heads.

ZEROTHEIST has shared the stage with numerous touring acts such as Hemlock, Diamond Plate, Landmine Marathon, Lazarus A.D., Warbringer, Incite, Warbeast, Havok, Soulfly, & Crowbar. The band has proven it can go toe-to-toe with established artists worldwide.

Releasing its anger-fueled 3 song EP entitled "Recession" in 2011, ZEROTHEIST created a storm of buzz around itself and the album that made statements personally, politically & theologically, - affecting everyone young and old. With the release of the bands sophomore, full-length album Usurp The Crown in October 2012, ZEROTHEIST answered any questions left from its first release as well as shining a light on how expanded the band's sound truly is. Now with the release of the band's newest EP, "Insurgent Transgressor", the ZEROTHEIST continues to expand its sound and evolve into a more focused, powerful machine than ever before.


Recession (2011) (EP)
Usurp The Crown (2012) (LP)
Insurgent Transgressor (2013) (EP)