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Zero Tolerance

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If you are wondering why we haven't done shows since August, it is simply due to the fact that we are hard at work creating the second ZERO TOLERANCE full length project, and our time and funds are limited as an independant act.


Zero Tolerance is a collaboration of three talented and gifted artists ready to take the hip hop world by storm. The music this group has created can be described as conscious, upbeat and thought provoking. Although their debut album "Outta Tha Basement" would typically be categorized as hip hop, their sound is truly original. This crew demonstrates time after time, their talent and drive to grab the attention of listeners from all walks of life. The two main MC's in Zero Tolerance are Ill Izm and Sick Tricks. They've known eachother since their elementary days and have both been actively pursuing careers as MC's since the age of 12. After years of performing with a live band in the downtown Toronto circuit, they met Richie Miles. Not only did Richie possess a singing voice unlike any other, but he also had a knack for producing top notch instrumentals. Fortunately, there was an immediate chemistry and no time was wasted as they embarked on their musical journey. Since then, the trio have been hard at work on their first group project,"Outta the Basement". In addition, they have aquired venues and organized their own shows in efforts to create a community for developing local artists. They are continuously sharpening their skills and knowledge of hip hop and the music industry, in the pursuit of global exposure.


*'Outta tha Basement'~Zero Tolerances' full length debut album released in Canada July 2005.

*"Amped Up"~The long awaited single from the 'Outta tha Basement' LP has recieved medium rotation on Toronto's 89.5 (Project Bounce). As well, it has recieved regular rotation at various Toronto area nightclubs.

*"Drownin'"~Single featured on Toronto MC Artimiss' full length sophmore LP "Cultural Cannabalism" due out in March 2006.

Set List

We have various lengths, styles and themes to our live performance. From an action-packed, high flying 15-20 minute set intended for promo's and opening for other acts. To a 45-60 minute performance, that includes songs, skits, freestyles, beatboxing, which combined, makes for an extremely memorable experience.