We are simple guys that love to play Heavy/ New age rock music. We write catchy music that can definately be referred to as versitale. We have a melodic tone to definatly nod your head to.


We are just a few small town guys that got together to have fun and write some catchy music. We get on stage fueled by pure adrenaline and love every minute of it. From crowds of one to thousands we play with the same intensity and love for the music. Everyone who has ever taken the stage knows the rush the crowd brings. Like addicts we are constantly searching for out next high. We are playing mainlyon the weekends at the present moment. We hope someday to be able to support ourselves with touring and merch sales(Cd's T-shirts, stickers, ect...). We've played all around Louisiana, east Texas, south Arkansas, and northwest Florida with hopes of expanding.


"Onset of Turbulance"
2006 Philanthropy Records
Full length album with 12 tracks
1.Everything = Nothing
2.Guns for Glory
3.Can't let you go
6.Only Son
7.Rain Down
9.Allergic to the Sun
12.South 2nd and Layton

Set List

We usually do about 45 minutes to an hour but can cover as long as 2 hours.
we are an original band but have been known to play a cover here or there.