Zev and the Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown

Zev and the Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown


Zev’s original music for children draws from many musical traditions to create songs about everyday childhood: family, silliness, whimsy, and animal sounds. Best suited for families and children age 1-9, his shows are active and interactive fun – every performance is a family dance par


Zev Haber grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY and lives in Westchester. He has been teaching music and
performing original, hip and fun kids’ music at libraries, schools, camps, family events, and private parties for over 10 years.


Zev’s latest album, Chicken Scratch, has won two Children’s usic Web Awards. His song “El Quacko” is frequently requested on XM/Sirius radio by kids all over the country. His previous albums are This Dog is Bananas and The Bluegrass Monkey Mixdown.

Set List

Show can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes:

Hey Everybody
Chicken Scratch
Downtown Tony Brown
Three Little Muffins
Family Band
Pasta Pete
There Was a Mouse
El Quacko
Baby I Love You
Family Band
Madelina Kadelina
Yo Ho Ho
Garbage Truck
Zev, This Is Broken
Walk in the Country
Wiggle Walrus