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"Zev edwards"

Zev Edwards has walked the pale earth restless for over twenty years. Searching for something through the highways of America: from the northern woods of Michigan to the warm, vibrant lights of Austin, Texas; through the trash littered subway stations of New York City, across oceans, and country lines, he has walked down the beaten path into the unknown. Sometimes lost, sometimes found, in love or out of touch, being born or slowly dying, living young while dreaming old, scraping rust, buying new, a life less lived or just like you, searching, finding, while losing sight, only to come full circle and start again, questioning truth, admitting lies, finding doors closed while seeking just to get through, satisfied but not enough, entertained but wanting more, knowing that there is nothing that cannot be explained or rearranged to fit you, that all roads must go somewhere, and if you find yourself nowhere, then you have found yourself true, and know what it’s like to sing the blues.
Zev’s music is a hurricane of words: you have to listen to them to grasp their power otherwise they will pass you by like the wind. Sometimes simple, sometimes poetic, he always has a lot to say. He is not the polished, smooth stone to be American idolized, but instead the rough, raw stone that hits your emotions and tells you what your ears don’t always want to hear. His music is an art, not a billboard, cheap imitation, job, or rich kid’s mask. He writes and sings for no one but himself. Though deeply influenced by early folk, country, and blues by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and Johnny Cash, Zev writes for his own time. His music is a result of trying to find himself in a world gone electric. Perhaps the greatest influence on Zev’s music is Bob Dylan. Though he has great respect and admiration for Dylan, he will never be the next Dylan. He can only be the next Zev Edwards.
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Too Little too late on Chill out Acoustic compilation



Born in Michigan, live in Austin, and I play music.