War Party

War Party

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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Born to War, Live to Party


War Party is impossible to box up into one pretty little package. The Fort Worth, Texas five-piece has elements of garage rock, punk rock and a little bit of classic rock-n-roll thrown in the mix. Growing up in Johnson County, Texas, vocalist/guitarist Cameron Smith gravitated towards groups like Fugazi, Stooges, The Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Gang of Four, The Replacements and Leonard Cohen. Considering the vast nothingness of his environment, he managed to get his hands on some pretty progressive music. 

“I got into skateboarding when I was 11 and that was definitely life changing,” Smith says. “When I wasn't skating, I was watching skate videos and that turned me on to so many favorite artists and influences. I remember watching Flip's Sorry at 13-years-old and having my mind blown to pieces. I was obsessive about music.”
At the time, War Party was only an arbitrary idea. Smith had already been playing in a hardcore punk band, Decades, but would dream about writing J. Mascis type songs. Things fell into place when he met drummer Peter Marsh while working at the same shopping center.  
“We would sit around and talk about our mothers playing ‘classic rock’ in the car when we were kids; bands like the Beatles, the Monkees, Beach Boys, and the Everly Brothers,” Marsh says. “We both loved those classic sounding songs. I'd been looking for a reason to start playing music again.”
Eventually, they started playing songs together in Smith’s shed, drinking Cutty Shark and adding their own individual parts to the songs. The chemistry was undeniable and War Party emerged in 2011. 
Bassist Tyler Moore was a natural choice considering he had played with Smith in Decades. In addition to Moore, Marsh and Smith, guitarist Ricky Williford and multi-instrumentalist Chris Waldon rounded out the line-up. Marsh had been bugging Williford to play trumpet for them. After getting a chance to see them live and realizing he knew both Smith and Moore from Decades, he became the second guitarist. 
“Chris was in a different band we were close with, Doom Ghost, and joined in on trombone and keys,” Smith explains. “Initially, that was just as a way to sneak him into a festival we were invited to play. He scammed his way into our band and our hearts.”

With the line-up complete, War Party has embarked on the tireless mission of spreading its music to the masses. The group has waged a war of its own and spit out one project after another, including 2013’s Tomorrow’s A Drag, 2014’s D.R.U.N.K., and 2015’s …And the Queen Makes Three. In 2015, War Party's "Teenager on Drugs" single was released in a 7" boxset also featuring Texas' own John Wesley Coleman through Windian Records. War Party’s single “Eat Rent” with B-side “Hobo King” was recently featured by Ghettoblaster Magazine. Next up is To Love and Fear It, the group’s first official full length album, one that truly captures the essence of War Party’s sound.  
“It’s about compartmentalization of character and dissecting the multitude of personalities that exist within an individual,” Smith explains. “Like if you imagined that you are an entirely different person with a different parlance, rationality and interests when you are at your job than when you are at a concert or even the pharmacy or something. When you tell someone about yourself there's this urge to make yourself into one solid, complete story but really you're a bunch of different, tiny stories that aren't necessarily being told all the time. The title comes from a poem I wrote about irresponsibility and childish behavior or maybe something else entirely.” 
Recorded with Britt Robisheaux at Cloudland, War Party’s Dreamy Life Record's studio, the nine track effort is the group’s first album as a collective. War Party has been named “Best Punk Band” by the Fort Worth Weekly and have helped foster Fort Worth’s emerging DIY scene through the Lo-Life Recordings label they founded and the Dreamy Life Records brick-and-mortar shop they help run.
“I feel like we wear influences on our sleeve, but the focus shifts a bit from time to time,” Smith says. “I don't really feel like we belong to any specific scene, but we are close with the punk and garage scenes. I think of myself as a songwriter with a band and I want to have the freedom to go after an array of different sounds. Fort Worth has a lot of really talented people and always has.”


Problem Solver

Written By: Cameron Smith

Our lips were red, our hands were led
to passing back and forth a revolver
This one on one Russian roulette
fell into your bed and then out of your bed
like a real "problem solver"
and I felt like a crushed rat
getting pulled out of the arms of a mousetrap
then crushed once again
by the insignificance of my life and thus death
So I'll just sulk here until I rot,
in the bottom of your kitchen trash can
and once the smell is gone I'll be forgot
and you'll continue your affair with the garbage man.

Oh how sad, how truly fucking tragic
that no tragedy has ever taken place here before
when we were so sure that this stress was post traumatic.
You crawled into a heart-shaped Trojan horse;
Yeah, we never could make love like we could war.
Oh wait a minute Mr. Postman! Didn't you see this coming?
Yeah, wait a minute! What kind of man delivers a letter like that
and then just takes off running?
Let it rot in the mailbox
and maybe someday he'll come back.
You can place your final bet on True Love
like its just another horse at the track
and all of your dreams will do nothing
but watch you sleep.

Beginner's Luck

Written By: Cameron Smith

John and Jackie in their tower alone
just wonderin' what to do
with their wedding gifts
and their swollen red lips
and the pieces of their party, too.
Did he love her enough
did she let him enough?
is that all there was to this affair?
A bottle of wine, a few sertraline
some sweaty fingers in her hair--
a love beyond repair
But I know that they really want to make it in this world alone
don't want a house, don't want a spouse, don't want a prayer,
don't want a job, don't want a car, don't want a trunk
don't want a doctor or accountant or lawyer, just beginner's luck

You could be particle dust on the radiowaves
long after your body is gone
and if you're not careful who you leave your estate to
coca-cola may one day own all of your songs!
Ziggy & Darby swore to just 5 years
but only one of 'em really told the truth.
Isn't it wild to think that you're wildest dreams
might be wild enough to finish you?
This machine kills artists, too!
but you know that you don't really want to make it in this world alone
You want a staff to prepare your food,
you want an audience whose eyes are stuck
and a stack of dead presidents too.
You want beginner's luck.
Blame it on begginer's luck.

Year of the D-g

Written By: Cameron Smith

Since 1988, at least once every year
I throw myself a party just cause I'm still here
Yeah, I've never missed a one
cause I believe in tradition.
And if it seems to you there's
a certain enthusiasm that I'm missing
I hope you'll bare in mind
where I left it behind.

Everything's bitter in Texas,
a giant state full of exes
and ohhhs and "oh no!"s

Everything's bitter in Texas,
where they read the bible like a checklist
and I've been told if there's a hell below
we all deserve to go

So I up and left my soul
somewhere out on the road
and it's still wandering, still kicking cans
and giving dirty looks to old folk homes
cause we know this is the future that was left for us
and isn't worth the rent to cope
with the story of mankind so far.
Yeah, I caught the plot like a cold.

Everything's bitter in Texas,
a giant state full of exes
and ohhhs and "oh no!"s

Everything's bitter in Texas,
where they read the bible like a checklist
and I've been told if there's a hell below
we all deserve to go

(A Little Hell) From my Fringe

Written By: Cameron Smith

got a song in my head, it keeps me up all night.
At 3am if I look up, its all black and white.
During the day I get the blues just looking at the sky.
I hired a nurse for the weekend to bring me back to life.
I hired a hearse for the weekend if it don't go right.
I hired a real expensive lawyer just to take my side.
Just for the weekend, for the weekend, for the weak-end
she said,
"If you got a drink, then I'll take a drink
and if you don't want to think, I got just the thing
and if you got no plans, you know, I'm your man.
I'll dig a hole just to prove to you how damned I am."
Bring me back to life if it don't go right.
You know, I'm going to need someone to take my side.
Yeah, if it don't go right.
I got a song in my head, it keeps me up all night.

Blame the Blues

Written By: Cameron Smith

I was standing on the corner but you know Lou never arrived.
I filled my mouth to the brim with blood,
it started leaking from Willie Johnson's eyes
and there is never enough,
just take it from us.
We've seen the world from a passenger seat;
when Elvis checks out
you can still catch the trout
on the heels of H.D.Thoreau's feet.
Don't blame the blues.

Two more weeks in Maggie's farm, moon hanging like a guillotinette
The joker laughs himself to death and deals cards from the soul of his cigarette.
Call in the medicine man,
call in the tambourine man
I think I caught the blues.
Call in the tin-can man,
call in the back up plan
Billy Shears is on the loose.
All the young dudes, Carry the Noose.

'Dark was the night, cold was the ground'
on the first and final stretch
The scarce remains of sincerity
snapped with the nape of Ian Curtis' neck.
So when the modern world starts
to get me down
I just flip to side "B"
and get ghostsick for (John/Dom)
in bed with a bomb.
Some poets piss on everything.
Don't blame the blues.


"Year of the D-g" Demo 2011:
Available in two formats, compact disc and digital download, via Lo-Life Recordings.

"Love At First Fight, Vol. 1" Split with Doom Ghost 2012:
Available in two formats, tape cassette and digital download, via Lo-Life Recordings. Song "Beginner's Luck" is also on rotation on 102.1FM KDGE's Local Edge Show as well as KTCU 88.7FM's The Good Show.
Steam it now @ loliferecordings.bandcamp.com

"Introducing..." Split with Doom Ghost 2012
Available in two formats, 7" vinyl and digital download, via Lo-Life Recordings in association with Turkey Baster Records. Song "Blame the Blues" is also on rotation on 102.1 FM KDGE's Local Edge Show and 89.7 WITR in Rochester, NY.
Stream it now @ www.loliferecordings.bandcamp.com

"Group Therapy, vol. 1" Compilation with Various Artists 2013
Available exclusively on cassette via Lo-Life Recordings in association with Dreamy Soundz Records.
Song "W.E.I.G.H.T." is in rotation on 102.1 FM KDGE's Local Edge Show as well as on 88.7FM KTCU's the Good Show.
Stream it now @ www.loliferecordings.bandcamp.com

"Frequencies vol. 4" Compilation with Various Artists 2013
Available on compact disc via Fort Worth Weekly.

"Tomorrow's A Drag" LP 2013
Available on cassette and digital download via Lo-Life Recordings.
Song "Every Day I Bite the Hook" in rotation on 89.7 WITR in Rochester, NY

"Group Therapy, Vol. 2" Compilation with Various Artists 2014
Available on cassette and digital download via Lo-Life Recordings and Dreamy Soundz Records

"Teenager on Drugs b/w D.R.U.N.K. (The Alphabet from Z to A)" Single 2015
Available on 7" vinyl single via Windian Records and their Subscription Series #3 Featuring Various Artists

"...And the Queen Makes Three" EP 2015
Available on cassette and digital via Dreamy Life Records & Lo-Life Recordings
Song "Nolo Mori" appears in rotation on The Local Ticket, 96.7FM KTCK in Dallas, TX.

"Eat Rent" b/w "Hobo King" Single 2015
Song "Eat Rent" appears in rotation on The Local Ticket, 96.7FM KTCK in Dallas, TX

"To Love and Fear It" LP 2016
Available on compact disc, cassette and digital via Dreamy Life Records
Song "Stoned Not Stupid" appears in rotation on The Local Ticket, 96.7FM KTCK in Dallas, TX. Song "Jellyfish" appears in rotation on The Local Ticket, 96.7FM KTCK in Dallas, TX as well as KXT 91.7FM in Dallas/Fort Worth.