Zoo For You

Zoo For You


We are a Kent-based, eight-piece menagerie of sound taking inspiration from an array of genres while swearing allegiance to none. Our music is modern and VERY danceable. It is diverse, energetic, exotic, slightly erotic, grimy, lyrical, funky, poetic, soulful & vibrant. It is a musical zoo, for you.


"What Zoo For You are doing is exceptional among UK bands, being both rhythmically original and lyrically distinctive”
-Charlie Gillet

"One of the best bands around Kent today... Zoo For You are a sprawling, irreverent 14-legged funk beast..."
-Lounge on the Farm festival

Zoo For You are a Kent-based, eight-piece menagerie of sound who take inspiration from a vast array of genres while swearing allegiance to none. Anything from afrobeat to Balkan folk, from hip-hop to indie-rock can be thrown into the mix, always resulting in funky, infectious tunes that will make your limbs spasm uncontrollably.

ZFY built up a strong local following with a string of gigs in the Canterbury area, including the last two Lounge on the Farm festivals. While continuing to play (and pack out) venues in East Kent, 2008 and 2009 have seen the band traveling further afield. Gigging highlights have included King’s College's end-of-year ball in Cambridge (with Noah and the Whale, Johnny Flyn and Tellison) and headlining New Year’s Eve celebrations at East London’s legendary George Tavern. While university commitments have limited ZFY's time in the past, as of summer 2009 they will be blasting their sound all over your face.

Set List

We usually play sets roughly one hour long. We do not play covers.