Balls to the wall, flat out, loud as fuck rock was the concept, what developed is much more a reflection of the eclectic range of influences that the individual members bring. Forefront is each members unique style & craftmanship. Think the Clash "London Calling" with some of the Stooges "Funhouse"


"Toronto's answer to the Velvet Underground."
- Jeff Rogers, YMusic Top 5

"Think Beefheart if he played his blues straight up,
or Zappa if he thought less with his brain and more with his groin."
-Stuart Berman, eye magazine

"Hey, holy shit! This band Rocks!" -earshot magazine

Z’howndz are a six piece (occasionally larger, sometimes fewer.), no holds barred, rock and roll band from downtown Toronto On.

The band started with a beer fueled introductory conversation between Ryder and Jimmy P at a cottage in north Ontario. The two expressed a similar desire to “rock” in ways their current musical projects (James; ‘Do Make Say Think’, Ryder; ‘Tetrezene’, ‘Tourettes’ and composing for television.) “didn’t”.

Within weeks the two were bashing and thrashing and developing the sound that became “the hounds”. Weeks later saw the addition of another guitar (Ben: Tetrezene, Cadillac Bill, techno producer) and an organ (Shelton: Tangiers, Lullabye Arkestra) and change in name to “zhoundz”. That same summer the four spent a day at Toronto studio “Signal to Noise” with owner Rob Sanzo and produced a five song demo. Three of these songs were included in the compilation: “New Glue Records vol.1: Sniff “ (2003) and saw the song "Starfucker" licenced to the film "Clean" (Nick Nolte, Maggie Cheung. Cannes 2004 Winner) and the band receiving national college radio play.

Soon after, James invited his friend Brian to provide trumpet and brass arrangements for the full release “Release” (which saw the bands name change to “z’Howndz”). This CD helped get the band the job of composing music for the television show “Restaurant Makeover”. And soon after that, during recording for “Fat Free”, Ryder invited his friend Rob to fill out the sound with bass guitar.

Now with this history behind them, z’Howndz are looking squarely at the future with all the optimism their acquired pessimism will afford them.

Look outz. Z’howndz ‘s coming for zu.


sex & drugs & rock & roll

Written By: r. graham

sex & drugs & rock & roll
if it doesn't kill you, it'll save your soul.
flashing lights & cocaine nights.
hear she comes slinking looking out of sight.
come on.
i said come on.
come on and shake it
i said come on.
come on and shake it
give it what you got
gotta give it what you got
and come on.

Dirty Blues

Written By: r. graham

i'm a drunk,
i'm a slut,
& i don't give a fuck.
maybe you don't too.
but i,
can't tell why,
everytime i,
get over you,
well, i roll around with squirrels.
& i caress their curls.
& i undress those girls.
& i roll around 'cause
& i roll around 'cause
& i roll around 'cause
well i, i like their sounds.

i think she lives,
for the awkward moment of saying hello.
she say's,
"why don't you come
into this hole?
you know it makes me feel
so much less alone."
and me?
i say's,
"well, i like the way you smell.
when you're turned on."

and i.
the way you left me on my knees.
i'm gonna get you back.
(yak, yak, yak.)

Jane Says

Written By: r. graham

jane says she doesn't like when she comes undone.
i says i like when janey comes undone.
you know, janes alot of fun when she comes undone.
& every second saturday, we come undone.
and we go...

chrissy says she doesn't like when she comes undone.
i says i like when chrissy comes undone.
you know, chrissy's alot of fun when she comes undone.
& every second saturday, we come undone.
and we go...

well i says, chrissy well, will you kiss me?
& i says, janey, well, will you agree?
don't you know, they kissed me.
now every second saturday, well we will see,
if we go...


New Glue Records vol.1: Sniff (2003)
-"Starfucker" included in film "Clean" (Nick Nolte, Maggie Cheung) Cannes 2004 Winner
-#1 on CIUT Radio

z'Howndz: Release (2004)
-Various film placements
-national college radio charts

z'Howndz: Fat Free (...sometime 2007)

also: composed music for int'l tv show "Restaurant Makeover" (now 4th season!)

Set List

NXNE 2007 Set List:
1. Hell-Mutt
2. Could've Been Something
3. Heart Break
4. Rambler of Sorrow
5. (I wanna) Spend It Tonight
6. Gentlemen Gentlemen
7. Living Daylights (are commin around again)
8. Damage Done
9. (I come from) A Little Town
10. Starfucker
11. Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n Roll

Others (originals):
Jane Says / Julie / Drag / Sick / Rock Steady / Dirty Blues / Cock Blocked / Cry / Patience / Roulette / Queen St.

Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) / Only R'nR, Dance Little Sister (Rolling Stones) / Back Seat Rythm (ACDC) / White Wedding (Billy Idol) / Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) / Something Else (Chuck Berry) / ...an eclectic bunch more.