Zhu-tastic and Han.

Zhu-tastic and Han.


we like jazz. simple. short. but sweet down to the point. we want to celebrate Toronto's diversity and our passion for music. Our band is new and are just beginning to explore different genres and talents.


We use influences from pop and jazz. Our band is special because our members are of 3 very different ages: 14, 19, and 31. We came together to compose, record, and play music just for our own enjoyment and leisure.


Jolly T

Written By: Debbie Zhu

Toronto, Toronto, Toronto is the place to be;
Our city, our city, Toronto is the home for me.
Our towers so high, our lake by our side, faces of so many kinds;
from skating to shopping from beaches to malls, so much to do;
Its a quite, nice diverse, universe, just right for me!


We have composed and written songs for our enjoyment. But never took it to the next level.

Set List

We are flexible, we like to sing and play everything.