ZibraZibra is a Minneapolis based band whose musical stylings are expressed cohesively through the juxtaposition of four distinct genres, which they have dubbed: Zip Hop, Titanium (futuristic dance metal), Mascolectric Neo-Baroque Party Music, and MaxoMinimalist Emueurosmash Typotech


ZibraZibra's 2nd record entitled "777" is the jackpot record of the 21st century. It is your lucky number all the time, every time.
Some have said that a song like Lowrider comes every 25 years or so. Well, we're due, and ZibraZibra delivers the goods with their new record, which is a tribute to the psuedo-biblical arrival of the spacetime traveling comrades: ZIBRA. As exciting as a nostalgic and fast paced Nintendo Game, and as insightful and prophetic as Friedrich Nietzsche, It appeals, as is the traditional Roman way, to your body AND your mind.
With a live show that stays good and well to all, ZibraZibra will twist and distort your expectations of what a rock band can instill within a listener in the short period of one live set.

Somewhere between Peaches and Dragonforce, between Outkast and Kraftwerk, between Michael Jackson and The Flaming Lips, there lies ZibraZibra.


LP: The End of the Lion, 2006 Royalty Etc. Records
LP: 777, Royalty Etc. Records

Compilation: Royalty Etc. Records 2007 Sampler, 2007 Royalty Etc. Records
Compilation: Twin Town High Music Yearbook Vol. 9
Compilation: TC Electropunk Vol. 4


Set List

typical sets: 35-60 Minutes of Original Music


Sonic Fusion
A Robot Never Forgets
Extra-Terrestrisex the Sextra-Terrestrial
International Allan
The Rules to be Cool
Virtually Unprepared
Yippy Doggy Down
Imagine That...
The Fantasy
Well, Minnesota
The Earth is a Clock
Arcade Catastrophe
Lions on the Astroturf
Kiss Kids
2, 3, 4, 5, Infinity...
Cat and Mouse
The Princess of Incest
I Am Your Machine
The 21st Century